Toronto Rhinoplasty Patients Have These Things In Common

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Rhinoplasty is one of the most popular forms of cosmetic surgery and there are many effective ways the nose can be shaped, sculpted, and repositioned to improve aesthetics and airflow. Although there are numerous approaches to a rhinoplasty in Toronto, the reasons why people seek surgery, tends to fall into one of three categories. Most rhinoplasty patients have at least one of these motivations in common and understanding them can give insight into the procedure’s enduring popularity.

Medical Reasons

The septum is the central wall of cartilage that separates each side of the nostril. A deviated septum is when this wall is not centred properly and begins to interfere with airflow causing other problems. This often results in recurrent congestion in one or both nostrils, snoring, facial pain or headaches, and recurrent nosebleeds. The compromised nasal passage also makes it hard for the nose to drain and can cause frequent sinus infections. Most people with a deviated septum are born with the condition—about 80% of all septums are deviated to some degree but not all are enough to cause severe symptoms.

Toronto Rhinoplasty Patients Have These Things In CommonAlthough a deviated septum is not dangerous it can be a frustrating condition to live with. People who are tired of constantly battling sinus infections, want to breathe easier as well as keep their snoring under control, can certainly find relief through rhinoplasty in Toronto.

Cosmetic Reasons

The nose is literally front-and-centre on the face and is one of your most distinct features for better or for worse. It is not uncommon for people to be unhappy with the way their nose impacts their appearance. Perhaps they feel it is too small or too large, or they dislike the way the tip droops or are annoyed by a hump on the bridge.

The nose should complement the rest of the face and be in harmony with the other features. If disharmony exists, the result can be distraction and displeasure that extends into a person’s self-image and self-esteem. Cosmetic rhinoplasty procedures bring the nose into a more pleasing arrangement with the other facial features and can help people feel better about themselves and act with more confidence and esteem while still making the nose look natural.

Repair Reasons

The nose’s prominent position means it is vulnerable to everything from falls to footballs to fists. Everyone knows at least one person who has had an accident or injury that resulted in a broken nose.

Toronto rhinoplasty is an excellent way to repair damaged nasal bones and cartilage, though the best results require that the nose be treated within two weeks of the injury. In other cases, people who have had prior injuries but dislike the way the nose healed can use rhinoplasty to repair the structure and regain the aesthetics or breathing comfort they once enjoyed.

Another, related reason is called revision rhinoplasty—when work is done to fulfill the aesthetic goals that a previous procedure couldn’t fully achieve.

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