Rhinoplasty in Toronto remains one of the leading cosmetic procedures for young adults. Whether due to breathing impairments and a deviated septum, or to correct an aesthetic concern, many teens and young people choose to undergo nasal surgery as soon as they’ve stopped growing and are cleared to do so. Planning for the required time off work can be a frustrating drawback for patients of any age after their nose job, but for students and other active young people, missing out on sports for some time is especially difficult. Plenty of people dislike this restriction, but it’s critical for safe recovery and positive outcomes. Here, we’ll explain why playing sports must be put on hold and what you can expect if you’re planning for the temporary restrictions after your surgery.

Protect your nose after rhinoplasty in Toronto

What’s the best way to avoid being hit in the face by a puck, ball, or fist after surgery? Hold off on contact sports. If you enjoy playing casually or competitively, this could feel restrictive for you, but rest assured the time will pass quickly, and your beautiful results will be well worth it.

Dr. Phillip Solomon is renowned for rhinoplasty in Toronto, and he sees many active patients who ski, play hockey, swim, participate in martial arts or other sports. The primary restrictions he advises to protect the healing nose are:

Two weeks of total sport and physical exercise avoidance. This is due not only to nose protection but to avoid raising the heart rate and blood pressure, which in turn can increase bleeding and bruising risks. During the first 14 days most inflammation runs its course and you’ll see a significant swelling reduction after that.

Dr. Solomon also advises against heavy lifting, including weight-lifting, for at least 3 weeks due to the same blood pressure concern. When resuming cardio and light exercise at roughly 3 weeks post op, you’ll still need to protect your face, so contact sports aren’t advised yet.

6 months allows the nose to be healed and strong

Ideally, sports that carry a high probability of nose breaks, such as boxing, should be avoided entirely after the procedure. For other activities, consider wearing face shields or guards. People who play non-competitive, amateur sports can usually modify the way they participate to lower the already low chance of nasal injury. In the long term, use discretion to protect your investment. After rhinoplasty, your surgeon will advise you to wait a full 6 months for the bone and tissue to fully heal and strengthen before resuming the more boisterous pastimes. For people who regularly participate in sports as part of their lifestyle or education, this requires some careful planning and timing to ensure the best outcomes. Dr. Solomon will be happy to meet with you one-on-one and discuss the potential benefits and ideal timing for your procedure. We welcome you to contact us at Solomon Facial Plastic today.

Sep 17th 2019