Will My Nose Look Like The Pictures of My Desired Nose?

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Will My Nose Look Like The Pictures of My Desired Nose

Rhinoplasty is one of the most frequently requested facial cosmetic surgery procedures due to its ability to provide symmetry and balance to the face, while resolving common concerns such as the size, nostril position, and the presence of visible humps, bumps or depressions in the nose. To communicate their goals with their surgeon, many patients arrive at their initial consultation armed with pictures of their desired nose, often referencing celebrities as examples.

While these photos can be useful to show your surgeon your ideal outcome, it is crucial to recognize that each patient is unique, and their individual anatomy must therefore be considered when discussing the anticipated outcome. As a result, computer imaging is the best way for patients to form a realistic idea of the expected, personalized results after rhinoplasty.

Photos Can Be A Good Starting Point, Provided They Are Realistic

Bringing photos of noses that appeal to you, whether they are taken from magazines or the surgeon’s before and after gallery, can be a useful starting point during your initial consultation. It is often challenging for patients to clearly articulate their aesthetic goals, particularly since most patients are unfamiliar with the anatomical terminology for the nose and surrounding features.

As such, photos can be an excellent reference and can help to ensure that you and your surgeon are on the same page in terms of your objectives and expectations for the procedure. However, it is crucial that the selected photos are realistic and that patients understand that they should not be viewed as an exact model of how their own nose will appear post-operatively.

Oftentimes, patients bring pictures of celebrities whose faces do not closely resemble their own; in this case, it is imperative to be aware that altering your nose will not mean that you look more like that particular celebrity as your surrounding facial features will not be impacted by the surgery.

Patient’s Unique Anatomy

As mentioned, providing photos of noses that you like can be useful to illustrate your preferred size, shape, definition, and tip rotation. Once your rhinoplasty surgeon understands your preferences, he will examine the anatomy of your nose, taking into account your nose’s shape, bridge size, and nostril size, as well as your ethnicity and skin type, in order to determine what can realistically be achieved with the procedure.

Your surgeon will also clearly explain what can and cannot be accomplished based on your, unique anatomy. For example, patients with thick skin may not be able to achieve a refined nasal tip while individuals with thin skin should be aware that any resulting irregularities may be more visible.

Computer Imaging

One of the best ways to predict aesthetic results of your rhinoplasty is computer imaging, which can provide patients with a simulated image of the potential outcome of the procedure. At your request,, Dr. Solomon, a renowned rhinoplasty surgeon in Toronto, will use advanced computer imaging during your consultation to enable you to ‘try on’ a different shaped nose.. While computer imaging can provide you with an approximation of your surgical results, the exact outcome cannot be guaranteed.

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