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Rhinoplasty has always been a popular cosmetic procedure but the demographic of a nose job patient has changed over time. Increasing numbers of teenagers are choosing to pursue rhinoplasty in Toronto and understanding why, can help surgeons and parents better adapt to this trend.

What is the Age Limit on Rhinoplasty?

No one should undergo rhinoplasty until their nose has finished developing. This usually happens early on in puberty and varies by gender since women start adolescence earlier than men. Broadly speaking, women can undergo a nasal surgery as early as age 16, provided that at least two years have passed since they started menstruation. Men can have a rhinoplasty at around age 17-18. It is possible for someone younger to have the procedure, but these decisions are made on a case-by-case basis.

Rhinoplasty In Toronto Is A Popular Choice For A Young DemographicWhy Do Teenagers Want Rhinoplasty?

Teenagers can pursue rhinoplasty for the same reasons as other demographics: medical benefit such as treating a deviated septum, repairing an injury, or cosmetic enhancement. It is the last category where teenage motivations differ the most. Adolescence brings many physical changes to the nose as well as other parts of the body. The rise of sites like Instagram, the desire to belong that comes with transition periods, and other social pressures can heavily influence a teen’s desire for a Toronto rhinoplasty. Everyone wants to feel attractive and teens may consider their nose to be the feature that is holding them back or is otherwise a constant source of anxiety.

Should Teenagers Get Rhinoplasty?

This is not always an easy question to answer. Teenagers are susceptible to social pressures and in a period of life that can make them extremely self-conscious. This can make rhinoplasty seem like an easy solution, but it should not be treated as such. No one should undergo a cosmetic procedure unless it is for the right reasons.

Getting a rhinoplasty in Toronto because it seems like a way to become popular, attract someone, or solve other problems in one’s life will inevitably lead to disappointment. It is the responsibility of both surgeons and parents to talk to teenage patients and learn about their motivations to be sure that they have the right reasons and the emotional readiness for cosmetic surgery.

What Are the Right Reasons for Getting Rhinoplasty?

When trying to decide if a teenager is ready for rhinoplasty, it helps to figure out if the motivation is internal or external. Internal motivations are generally healthier than external ones. If a person is happy with their appearance but feels like their nose doesn’t “fit” or is otherwise a recurrent source of displeasure, then the motivation is internal. If the issue is that the patient feels like their nose is a social or romantic impediment or if they want a procedure because it is fashionable, then the motivations are external.

The difference between these categories is that internal motivations are constant and based on the person’s relationship with their own body and appearance. For these patients, rhinoplasty is a way to feel more comfortable with oneself. External motivations are rooted in circumstance and depend on peoples’ reactions. For these patients, rhinoplasty is a tool to cause changes in others’ behavior.

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