Ethnic Rhinoplasty In Toronto – How Is A Middle Eastern Nose Job Unique?

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Ethnic Rhinoplasty In Toronto - How Is A Middle Eastern Nose Job UniqueA rhinoplasty procedure is a frequently sought-after cosmetic surgery by many people coming from diverse ethnic backgrounds. Rhinoplasty is designed to remodel the nose structure to improve the balance between the nose and other facial features, ultimately resulting in a more aesthetically pleasing appearance.

The rhinoplasty surgery is considered to be one of the most challenging facial cosmetic procedures since the nose carries distinctive characteristics for individuals of different ethnicities. To successfully create a well-suited nose that preserves a patient’s ethnicity while enhancing other facial features, requires a surgeon with extensive knowledge and experience to employ a different set of surgical skills and techniques.

At our clinic, Dr. Phillip Solomon has worked with a diverse group of patients performing ethnic rhinoplasty in Toronto. These include those of Asian, African American and Middle-Eastern descent. Middle-Eastern Patients have an ancestral heritage that is Arabic, Turkish, North African or Persian.

The Middle-Eastern nose is unique in its qualities and best exemplifies some of the inherent difficulties that are faced in rhinoplasty surgery for achieving consistent, predictable and long-lasting outcomes. The Middle-Eastern nose has structural features that represent a gradient between African noses and Caucasian noses. Some of their features are also like those who are of Mediterranean and Hispanic origin. Therefore, one rhinoplasty does not fit all.

The nose of Middle-Eastern individuals often comes with exaggerated characteristics that lead to its imbalance with the other facial features, such as a large nasal hump, high dorsal bridge, thick skin and a poorly supported, hanging nasal tip. Other common nasal features are crookedness, a hyperdynamic or drooping nasal tip, a high radix (transition from forehead to nasal bridge) and large, wide nasal bones.

These distinctive and structural qualities of the nose make a Middle-Eastern rhinoplasty unique, and such factors must be considered to properly address the issues in a successful Toronto ethnic rhinoplasty. The overarching goal of the rhinoplasty is to create an aesthetically-pleasing nose that is in harmony and balance with the other ethnic facial features without appearing “overdone” or unnatural, and all the while maintaining the heritage of the patient.

Dr. Solomon sees many culturally diverse patients with various ethnic backgrounds – a significant proportion of his patients are those of Middle-Eastern descent. Therefore, Dr. Solomon has developed a strong and intimate understanding of the anatomy and structural features that are characteristic of Middle-Eastern noses, providing him with the knowledge and experience needed to help Middle-Eastern and Persian patients achieve the desired results they want from a rhinoplasty procedure.

If you are interested in an ethnic rhinoplasty in Toronto, we would like to invite you into our clinic for a preoperative consultation with Dr. Solomon. We will discuss your concerns, your expectations for the rhinoplasty and how we can help you achieve a more harmonious balance between your nose and facial features without sacrificing your unique, ethnic qualities.

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