How To Determine If You’re A Good Candidate For A Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty in Toronto?

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For many people who are unhappy with the look of their nose, committing to the permanence of a surgical rhinoplasty can be daunting. Therefore, non-surgical rhinoplasty in Toronto is becoming increasingly popular, as the procedure allow patients to ‘try on’ their new nose temporarily before undergoing an invasive and permanent procedure.

When it comes to non-surgical rhinoplasty in Toronto, Dr. Solomon is well known as an expert facial and rhinoplasty surgeon and sees patients from across Ontario and Canada. Drawing on nearly 20 years of experience and expertise, he has performed thousands of procedures garnering recognition as an industry leader in the plastic surgery space. For those considering a non-surgical rhinoplasty in Toronto, the first step is to determine if you are a good candidate for the procedure.

During a non-surgical rhinoplasty, dermal filler is injected under the skin in order to temporarily alter the shape or contour of the nose.

The best type of candidates for the procedure are typically patients who wish to avoid undergoing an invasive surgical procedure because they desire only a small change or because they want to preview a look before committing to surgery. This type of rhinoplasty is a great option for those looking for a quick and painless way to achieve a more balanced harmony between their nose and the rest of their features.

Non-surgical rhinoplasty is generally best suited for those who are looking for subtle changes to the nose. These types of changes include filling in depression and divots on the nose, as well as smoothing out bumps in the bridge.

Those who have crooked or twisted noses, or whose nose have been broken and healed poorly are also often good candidates for injection rhinoplasty. The procedure can help alter the tip of the nose, by adding volume and giving the appearance of a lifted nasal tip.

Many candidates for non-surgical rhinoplasty in Toronto have had a surgical nose procedure or rhinoplasty already and want to make a minor adjustment. For those who are unhappy with the results of a primary rhinoplasty, non-surgical options can also be used as a means to fix some of the residual issues without undergoing another surgical procedure.

If a patient desires more drastic changes, especially decreasing nasal size, this is not possible through injection rhinoplasty. Furthermore, for those with internal structural issues looking to correct medical concerns, these can also only be corrected through surgical rhinoplasty.

Although most men and women are potential candidates for a non-surgical rhinoplasty, it is important to have realistic expectations and to understand that results from this type of rhinoplasty will not be identical to a surgical rhinoplasty.

To avoid disappointment and manage expectations, Dr. Solomon offers advanced computer imaging for patients considering non-surgical rhinoplasty in Toronto. This allows patients to preview images of what they will look like following the procedure, allowing them to make a fully informed decision.

The best way to determine if you are a good candidate for a non-surgical rhinoplasty, is to sit down with an experienced and board certified plastic surgeon who specializes in not only non-surgical rhinoplasty but surgical options as well so that you are fully aware and informed of all available options.

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