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What Are The Rough Costs Associated With A Good Nose Job in Toronto?

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Researching any facial plastic surgery procedure is an important first step for any potential patient. One of the most frustrating elements of researching rhinoplasty costs in Toronto is that you will see ranging prices for nose jobs listed on surgeon’s websites.

Typical fees for Rhinoplasty can range between $6,000-10,000 plus HST, however many factors contribute to the cost variations. A higher price point for nose jobs in Toronto does not always indicate better quality or a more experienced surgeon. Many plastic surgeons perform cosmetic procedures for any area of the body and the amount of rhinoplasty surgeries they perform each year could be few.

If they are located in a high-end neighborhood, their prices may be high, yet it is very important to ensure that your surgeon has a wealth of knowledge and experience in your, specific area of treatment. As well, a low price does not necessarily indicate poor quality, though it should cause some concern and investigation if you see pricing that appears too good to be true.

You should ensure that your surgeon is board certified, experienced and well-trained, and that they operate from fully accredited surgical centres or hospitals. Important questions to ask include those regarding any additional fees, follow up appointments or other costs you could incur.

Your best choice for rhinoplasty surgeon in Toronto will be board certified, have many years of experience performing complex rhinoplasty procedures as their focussed specialty, and will show you excellent before and after examples of their work. You can ask for an all-in surgical quote and understand the value in your investment. The best place to begin comparing rhinoplasty costs in Toronto is with an expert rhinoplasty surgeon.

Primary Rhinoplasty

What Are The Factors Which Affect Rhinoplasty Costs In Toronto?

Your Rhinoplasty surgery in Toronto will be considered a cosmetic/ elective procedure unless your treatment involves correction of a deviated septum or breathing issue. In those cases, partial costs may be covered by provincial health insurance. Other instances where a portion of the price for a nose job could be covered by insurance include injury or illness which require surgical excision of tissue or reconstructive work due to damage to the tissues. Various tests or scans may be ordered in partnership with your primary care physician and according to your provincial health or insurance company’s policies.

The Quote Breakdown

The majority of rhinoplasty surgeries are considered to be cosmetic and their fee breakdown would include the surgeon’s fee for operating, the anaesthesiologist’s fee, the cost of medications including anaesthetic, the surgical facility fee and the fees of all licenced health providers on your surgeon’s team.

Typically, all cost for rhinoplasty surgery are included in one quote for your convenience, but be sure to ask if additional appointments, medications or other supplies will be billed separately.


Many plastic surgery clinics offer in-house financing, or they work with 3rd party medical financing companies who can help offset the cost of a large purchase by allowing you to pay in small, monthly installments over a long period of time.

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