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Professional, Talented & Experienced
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Plastic Surgery Clinic & Facial Cosmetic Procedures in Toronto

Plastic Surgery Clinic & Facial Cosmetic Procedures in Toronto

Dr. Philip Solomon MD FRCSC is a Double Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon in both Canada and the United States, Trained Otolaryngologist Head and Neck Surgeon practicing Facial Cosmetic Plastic Surgery at his state-of-the-art private surgical facility, The Solomon Nasal and Facial Plastic Surgery Centre in Toronto.

About Dr. Philip Solomon

With over 20 years of experience, Dr. Philip Solomon is a renowned Canadian Facial Surgeon specializing in all aspects of Facial Surgery in Toronto most notably, Deep Plane Facelifts and Rhinoplasty surgery. Dr. Solomon is esteemed for his most natural and authentic results.


About Dr. Philip Solomon MD FRCSC

Dr. Phillip Solomon stands apart as a Toronto rhinoplasty surgeon and specialist in facial cosmetic surgery. The best way to ensure your facelift, rhinoplasty or other facial plastic surgery results in satisfaction, is to meet with a surgeon who focuses their practice and passion in this complex area. As an Otolaryngologist-Head and Neck Surgeon, practicing Facial Plastic Cosmetic Surgery, Dr. Solomon’s 20+ years of Toronto rhinoplasty and facial surgery expertise makes him highly sought-after across Canada.Dr. Philip Solomon MD FRCSC is also a Co-Director of Facial Pastic Surgery Fellowship at the University of Toronto.Dr Solomon is also an Assistant Professor in the Department of Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery, Division of Facial Plastic Surgery at the University of Toronto.

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Toronto Rhinoplasty

When it comes to an intricate subspecialty like rhinoplasty in Toronto, Dr. Philip Solomon is renowned for providing the most natural looking results for all of his patients. He provides his patients with a level of comfort and confidence that allows them to feel secure and supported throughout their surgical experience. Dr. Solomon’s commitment to his patients’ complete satisfaction is unparalleled.

His experience speaks for itself. 20 years performing Primary Rhinoplasty, Revision and Reconstructive Rhinoplasty averaging over 350 nose surgeries per year on people of all ethnic backgrounds across Toronto, Ontario and Canada. Dr. Philip Solomon received his training by World Renowned Facial Plastic Surgeons prior to becoming Double Board Certified in both Canada and the United States. Through the pursuit of advanced practice knowledge and training in various reconstructive techniques and revision rhinoplasty, Toronto facial plastic surgeons can restore facial harmony and correct challenging problems beyond the scope of many practitioners. Dr. Solomon’s commitment to a successful outcome from Rhinoplasty surgery begins in consultation. Dr. Solomon’s artistic eye allows him to assess and envision the optimum outcome for his patients while working in collaboration with them so they can achieve their ultimate goal. Dr. Philip Solomon combines his artistry, precision and exceptional experience to create a Rhinoplasty result that is unique and authentic to his patients.

Dr. Philip Solomon

The ideal facial surgeon for you will present in-depth assessment, honest feedback, practical options, and possess the skill to carry out techniques ranging from simple to impressively intricate. Dr. Philip Solomon is among the most trusted facial cosmetic and rhinoplasty surgeons in Toronto. Due to his vast experience working with all ethnic backgrounds, ages and needs in this diverse city, he’s contributed authoritative, valuable contributions on these subjects for expert publications in his field, and is well-respected by peers.

Clients who’ve suffered injuries to their face or nose have a critical task when choosing the best facial cosmetic surgeon to help them. However, for discerning Toronto rhinoplasty or facelift patients, even simple enhancement, lifting, smoothing and standard age-related improvements deserve the very best in skill and experience. Dr. Solomon is pleased to share his comprehensive portfolio of optimal results with prospective patients.

Dr. Solomon can perform a diverse range of procedure methods for a fully customized approach. Each patient’s unique features and goals are accounted for when creating their personalized treatment plan. He has keen interest and ability to work with non-surgical tools such as facial fillers for natural, soft and transformative results.

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Need To Know

Are you a good candidate for Rhinoplasty in Toronto?

As the most prominent and central feature of the face, your nose is pivotal to both physical appearance and personal identity. Rhinoplasty or nose plastic surgery is one of the most common cosmetic operations being performed worldwide today. Many people get a “nose job” to correct breathing problems while a majority of others choose this surgical intervention to improve their facial appearance. Both goals can be achieved at the same time if your nose has been disturbing you – functionally or aesthetically.

If you are experiencing breathing problems or unhappy with the appearance of your nose, you may be wondering if rhinoplasty is the right procedure for you. You have to consult a plastic surgeon to determine the type of nose job best suited for your problem and to understand the kind of outcome you can expect. Before the consultation, you will want to determine if you would be the right candidate for rhinoplastic intervention.

How To Know If You’re a Candidate?

Rhinoplasty can change the shape or overall size of your nose to bring it into a suitable proportion with the rest of your face. Even little changes can make a remarkable difference in your facial appearance. Your nose can be a good candidate if:

  • It makes you self-conscious or unhappy.
  • You have a nose deformity which needs correcting
  • You want to fix a structural problem that restricts breathing, such as the deviated septum.
  • You are dissatisfied with the way your nose has changed as you have gotten older.
  • You are well-adjusted and want to improve the way you look, not look perfect. You are otherwise happy with your life and do not expect rhinoplasty to impact it significantly.
  • You are the right age. Although younger people do get rhinoplastic interventions, studies suggest that waiting until the mid-teens is best to get the desired results.
  • You understand the surgery and prepare for it accordingly. For example, if you are a worker, you will need to take time off after the procedure to recover.
  • You are aware of any allergies or medical conditions you may have. Informed your surgeon will significantly reduce the risk of reacting to medications and anesthetic.
Are you a good candidate personally?

Rhinoplasty is popular with both women and men. There is more to success than obvious surgical considerations. The best candidates also meet the following general qualifications:

  • Complete facial growth
  • Good physical health
  • Non-smoker
  • Realistic expectations
  • A positive outlook on life

If you have unrealistic expectations from the procedure, you will not be happy with the outcome no matter how beautiful other people think you look. The best candidates are not looking for the “perfect” results; they want a certain amount of improvement.

Request a consultation

Consulting a rhinoplasty surgeon in person can validate that a rhinoplasty is a viable option for you. Prepare yourself to discuss your breathing problems or aesthetic goals as well as your past medical and surgical history. In Toronto, you can trust the Solomon Nasal and Facial Surgery Center for an expert consultation as we are committed to providing exceptional care.

Choose your surgeon carefully

The surgeon performing your nose job is as important as the outcome you hope to achieve. Consulting different surgeons will help you find an experienced surgeon who makes you feel confident and comfortable. Along with questions related to the procedure itself, ask whether he/she is board certified. Don’t hesitate to ask about the number of rhinoplasties they have performed and their outcomes in terms of before and after pictures or video.

If you are based in Toronto and want to get your nose job done professionally, do make an appointment with board-certified facial plastic surgeon Dr. Philip Solomon today. He is a well-known expert facial and rhinoplasty surgeon. With more than 20 years of experience, he appreciates the delicate details of reshaping a nose and has performed thousands of rhinoplastic interventions. His compassionate demeanor and ability to connect with his patients have earned Dr. Solomon the reputation of providing among the best facial plastic surgeries in Toronto.

Before your surgery

Before your rhinoplasty in Toronto, you’ll need to gather information, assessment and instructions to set you up for success. Your consultation with a Toronto rhinoplasty surgeon is a key step to begin the process. Be honest with your plastic surgeon and don’t hesitate to ask questions. Ensuring good communication will benefit you throughout your experience. Here are essential questions to ask, and answers you’ll want to hear:

  • Am I a good candidate for rhinoplasty in Toronto?
  • What procedure would you recommend for my nose?
  • How many rhinoplasties do perform each year?
  • Where did you receive your training, licence and certifications?
  • How long have you been practising?
  • What percentage of your practice is dedicated to rhinoplasty in Toronto?
  • Do you have revision rhinoplasty experience?
  • What percentage of your patients require revisions?
  • What anaesthetic will be used?
  • What are the risks involved with my anaesthetic and surgery?
  • Where will my surgery be performed?
  • What emergency protocols does your facility have in place?
  • What is my expected recovery time?
  • What post-operative restrictions will I have related to work, exercise and daily activities?
  • Can I choose the celebrity/model’s nose I want?
  • What’s the difference between open or closed rhinoplasty?
  • I take (supplements, birth control, prescription medications.) Do I need to stop taking them?
  • How soon can I wear glasses after my rhinoplasty?
  • Are there fees in addition to my surgical quote?
  • How can I ensure a comfortable recovery at home?
Your Toronto rhinoplasty surgeon’s responses:
  • They should have extensive experience specializing in rhinoplasty, specifically, not general work in multiple body areas.
  • Frequent practice, innovation and practice result in the high skill level required for expert rhinoplasty.
  • They should tell you honestly, in detail, what the pros and cons related to your procedure are. All surgery comes with inherent risks you need to understand.
  • They should be accredited with the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada.
  • They should fully explain your rhinoplasty cost and recovery so you feel confident taking next steps.
What is the recovery like?

The first 24 hours after your rhinoplasty in Toronto will involve a few different factors. When ready, you’ll head home with gauze taped under your nose as some minor bleeding is expected. Luckily, recovering from rhinoplasty in Toronto is not often described as painful, but difficulty breathing through the nose is common. Due to expected swelling, the first few days will be uncomfortable, and you’ll receive a prescription for pain medication.

Facial bruising in the eye area is common. In most cases, discolouration and inflammation will appear more dramatic than they feel because your facial tissue is very vascular. That same abundant blood flow will also help you to heal quickly. You may have stitches inside your nose which usually dissolve on their own. In some cases, a splint may be temporarily placed over your nose to protect it until the new shape is set. You’ll have a return visit to meet with your Toronto rhinoplasty surgeon within a day or two of your procedure.

There are a few restrictions to keep in mind for safe, comfortable healing after Toronto rhinoplasty:

  • Avoid blowing your nose for 4 weeks and refrain from bending over or heavy lifting; all of which increase blood pressure in the face.
  • You’ll need to switch to contacts if you normally wear eyeglasses.
  • While you won’t be permitted to press anything onto the nose, cold compresses on the cheek area may be permitted early post-procedure.
  • Likewise, saline spray and Vaseline can keep the nostrils moist, but you’ll be asked not to place anything (including fingers) inside the nose.
  • Keep your head up while resting or sleeping for at least one week. You can elevate the head of your bed before surgery and have plenty of firm cushions handy. This helps to reduce swelling, pressure, and the risk of bleeding.
  • Because it’s essential to avoid injuring the nose while you heal, contact sports and other activities may need to be paused for at least a few months.
  • Your Toronto rhinoplasty surgeon will let you know how long to schedule off work or school. Typically, 2 weeks will suffice.
  • You’ll need patience for the final outcome. Though significant transformation occurs within the first few weeks, residual swelling will linger for several months. It may take up to a year to view the complete result.
How is the surgery performed?

Your Toronto rhinoplasty surgery will be carried out according to your unique needs and your surgeon’s technique. The nose has many parts and various tissue, including bone, cartilage and skin. Your Toronto rhinoplasty surgeon may alter the following:

  • The nasal bridge: width, height, symmetry
  • The nasal tip: width, projection and refinement
  • The nose base: including alar flare (nostrils)
  • The septum: straightening and clearing breathing passages

Your rhinoplasty in Toronto will be done using general anaesthesia, which puts the patient comfortably to sleep. Small incisions will be made either entirely within the nostrils, or within nostrils and across the columella (where your nose connects to your upper lip.)

Depending on desired changes, typical steps to alter the nose will include reducing a bony hump, reducing cartilaginous structures at the bridge, sculpting tip cartilage, and altering nostrils. The diverse possibilities mean that rhinoplasty in Toronto differs significantly between patients. Some noses require removal of cartilage and fat, while others will require the addition of cartilage taken from other areas of the body (like the ribs.)
Functional operations focused on septum repair, or the turbinates (air baffles inside the nostrils) will not necessarily create visible change apparent after surgery.

The procedure may take between 2 to 4 hours on average. Once complete, small dissolvable stitches and some temporary gauze bandaging will be placed. Your recovery will vary slightly depending on your unique procedure details. For instance, if you’ve had substantial tip alteration, that delicate tissue may hold on to swelling a little longer.
The structures of a person’s nose sometimes appear different than expected once the operation s underway, and previous surgery or structural abnormalities add layers of complexity requiring expertise.

Toronto rhinoplasty is one of the most challenging and rewarding facial surgery procedures. Extensive dedication in training and practice are required to hone the intricate skill it demands. Your Toronto rhinoplasty surgeon should possess advanced knowledge in Otolaryngology head and neck surgery, facial plastic and reconstructive procedures.

Next steps

Dr. Solomon offers everyone seeking more information and personalized feedback about Toronto rhinoplasty, a private consultation. This meeting is a crucial, first step toward planning the right procedure to help you reach your goals. He’ll assess your nose and listen to your concerns and wishes.

To prepare for a Toronto rhinoplasty consultation, Dr. Solomon recommends that you write down a list of questions to help you get the most out of your appointment. As well, you’re welcome to bring pictures of nose results that you do and don’t like to help explain your preferences.

You’ll be provided with detailed facts about the procedure and learn what to expect from the recovery phase, and your aesthetic outcome. After your one-on-one consultation, you’ll receive a personalized surgical quote outlining the cost of a Toronto rhinoplasty, plus your custom plan recommended by Dr. Solomon.

Rhinoplasty in Toronto is a popular cosmetic procedure with men and women of all backgrounds. Our expansive learning centre at provides an in-depth look at the entire process of planning and undergoing a nose job. You can learn about the techniques used by expert rhinoplasty surgeons, risks and considerations, and all the exciting possibilities for improved facial balance and symmetry. Whether you need septoplasty, additive or reductive changes, a refined tip, or even non-surgical, injectable rhinoplasty, you’ll learn why Dr. Solomon is a leader in these innovative areas.

You’re welcome to spend time gathering valuable information and having your questions answered in our learning centre. Have a question not answered on our website? Contact us by phone or email and we’ll help you find out what you need to know before rhinoplasty in Toronto. Your next step toward a nose you love is to contact Solomon Facial Plastic today.

Cost of rhinoplasty in Toronto

The cost of rhinoplasty in Toronto will differ a little between patients. To determine your personalized price, consider factors like your surgeon’s fees and the specific method of rhinoplasty you’ll undergo. The length of surgery and complexity will also affect the charges. You may see various prices listed on Toronto rhinoplasty surgeon’s websites. At Solomon Facial Plastic, the typical cost of a nose job is between $6,000-10,000 plus HST.

If you need a secondary (revision rhinoplasty) or reconstruction, seek an advanced facial plastic surgeon with dedicated expertise in this complex area. Your surgical quote will reflect the challenging aspects of the work to be done.

On your Toronto rhinoplasty quote, you’re likely to see the following:

  • The surgeon’s fee for operating
  • The anaesthesiologist’s fee
  • Cost of medications including anaesthetic
  • The facility fees
  • The fees for licenced health providers on the surgical team.
  • All appointments with your surgeon including pre-operative planning and post-operative assessments

In most cases, Toronto rhinoplasty patients can expect their quote to be comprehensive, but feel free to ask for an explanation of the breakdown and whether there will be additional costs for medications.

Dr. Solomon knows that while permanent, transformative changes to one’s face can have impressive, powerful benefits, the relatively high one-time cost for cosmetic surgery is difficult to manage for many. That’s why we work with reputable medical financing companies who can help offset the challenge of making that payment.

Your approval requires answering a few questions about your financial picture and often results in small, monthly payments made after the procedure. If you’re interested in a Toronto rhinoplasty, don’t let the price hold you back from scheduling a consultation with Dr. Solomon to learn more. With multiple options for payment, investing in a nose you love could be just a call away.

Different types of Rhinoplasty

How many different kinds of rhinoplasty procedures can you list? Many people are surprised to learn techniques for this popular procedure vary beautifully. The following are possible options for your rhinoplasty in Toronto. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Solomon to discover which suits you best.

Primary Rhinoplasty

When operating on a nose for the first time, this is referred to as primary. Many people will have one and only one nose job to achieve the enhancement they want.

Secondary/Revision Rhinoplasty in Toronto

A second nose surgery may be performed to correct structural or aesthetic problems that persist after, or because of a primary nose job. Some possible issues are minor while others are challenging to correct., Highly experienced facial surgeons are best equipped to perform revision work.

African American Rhinoplasty

African American patients often seek rhinoplasty work for alar flare (nostril) reduction or a decrease in nasal tip width. While a variety of nose shapes and sizes present, and each patient has their own aesthetic goals, the general aim of an African American rhinoplasty is to achieve a more proportionate, harmonious look while maintaining ethnic characteristics that suit a person’s face.

Asian Rhinoplasty

The goal of Asian rhinoplasty is often to build up the radix or address the nasal width and tip, yet the aim will be to enhance features and maintain their notable ethnic qualities for a natural look.

Persian Rhinoplasty

Both Persian women and men in Toronto seek rhinoplasty in high numbers. Generally, reductive changes, including the decrease of a bump or reduced projection, will be desired. A skilled rhinoplasty surgeon knows how to make these adjustments while preserving characteristic Persian features.

Injection Rhinoplasty

Dr. Philip Solomon offers surgery-free nose enhancement through the injection of dermal fillers. This fast, non-surgical approach suits some people who desire subtle or temporary improvements. Schedule your consultation to learn more.


Men and women request laser treatment to improve rhinophyma. The disfiguring condition relates to rosacea and an overgrowth of the soft tissues of the nose. Visible changes negatively affect self-esteem and may lead to nasal obstruction. Dr. Solomon uses the newest techniques available to treat and improve rhinophyma.

Find out which Toronto rhinoplasty procedure will help you reach your goals. Contact Solomon Facial Plastic for expert advice and a personalized treatment plan.

Why choose us?

Most people don’t begin planning rhinoplasty in Toronto with secondary, revision work in mind. You want the best specialist for the job and excellent results you can count on. You may realize that practice makes perfect in relation to complex facial plastic surgery, but not many surgeons completely dedicate their training and work to the face.

In Toronto, rhinoplasty makes up a significant proportion of Dr. Phillip Solomon’s procedure focus. He’s passionate about this intricate, artistic operation that achieves facial harmony and enhancement with even the subtlest improvements. Through regular, consistent innovation in this subspecialty, he’s become known as a leading rhinoplasty specialist. The beautiful ethnic diversity of Toronto means a wide range of goals can be met with wholly customized nose jobs that never appear to be one-size-fits-all.

With over 20 years of facial cosmetic surgery experience, Dr. Solomon is a respected leader in all aspects of facial surgery. His Toronto, rhinoplasty results are renowned for their natural, proportionate appearance. When you choose him to help make your facial cosmetic goals a reality, you can trust his advanced training and skill to deliver what you want, and what you expect.

Don’t take chances with one of the most visible features you have. Your rhinoplasty should begin with a comprehensive consultation process to be assessed in person and gather critical procedure details you need.

At his state-of-the-art surgical centre, the dedicated care each of his patients receives is unparalleled. From your first visit to our office and connection with our team, we’ll listen, support and empower you to look and feel wonderful. The scheduling process is easy, and we’ll connect you with reputable medical financing services to ensure the cost of rhinoplasty in Toronto is as convenient as possible.

Choosing a facial plastic surgeon and team who are highly experienced and passionate about rhinoplasty means you’ve placed yourself in the best hands.


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