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There are many reasons why people turn to Cosmetic Surgery. Most people want to change a physical attribute either on their face or their body to make themself feel more attractive, more confident or just more satisfied.Hairline-Lowering-Surgery-Toronto

Hairline Lowering Surgery in Toronto is a common procedure used to reduce the height of the forehead. A large forehead can be the result of genetics or possibly hair loss and can potentially take away from ones overall appearance. An excessively high forehead can become the focal point of ones face causing other attractive features to become less visible or apparent. Most people with a high forehead are quite aware and perhaps self-conscious, and have spent a lifetime trying to compensate with different hairstyles, or have been unable to wear their hair as they wish because of the size of their forehead. What they may not know is that Hairline Lowering Surgery in Toronto can be performed to change the shape and height of ones’ forehead.

Hairline Lowering Surgery is also known as Forehead Reduction Surgery in Toronto and can be a very effective procedure for both men and women. It’s also a commonly sought out for Facial Feminization Surgery for men transitioning to female.

Hairline Lowering Surgery for Women

While many hairstyles can compensate for a high forehead in women, that may not be enough for some. A high hairline is typically deemed a masculine trait and therefore can make a woman feel less feminine and unattractive. 20% of women may have a high forehead, as the average height of a forehead is typically 10-12 cm’s above the brow line. Hairline Lowering Surgery (Forehead Reduction Surgery) can reduce the height of the forehead by 2-6 centimetres. Women who choose to undergo surgery for their large forehead typically have increased confidence and self-assurance following their surgery as they have corrected an issue that has likely plagued them since childhood.

Hairline Lowering Surgery for Men

When it comes to men, a higher than average hairline can be a bit more challenging to conceal. Men are not often suited for bangs to cover their forehead and wearing a hat all the time is not a reasonable option.

Hairline-Lowering-Surgery-TorontoMen who are candidates for hairline lowering surgery in Toronto (Forehead Reduction Surgery) typically have a high hairline that exceeds 12-16 centimetres above the brow line. Men who are experiencing hair loss, are not best suited for this procedure. However, men who have already undergone hair grafting and are looking to lower their hairline, are qualified for Hairline Lowering Surgery. Men, who choose to have Hairline Lowering Surgery first, can then seek hair grafting or a hair transplant once they have healed, approximately 8 months following surgery. In combining these procedures, men can achieve great results that can restore their confidence and self-esteem.

Hairline Lowering Surgery for Facial Feminization

Facial Feminization Surgery in Toronto is also known as FFS or Transgender Surgery, is a combination of surgeries used to feminize the male face.

Often, men who are transitioning to female, opt for Facial Feminization as their first step so that their physical appearance better aligns with their identity. Transitioning patients also find they are better recognized and identified by others as a female when their physical attributes look more female.

Facial Feminization Surgery is usually comprised of at least 2 or more procedures to feminize the face. Facial Feminization Surgery in Toronto can include rhinoplasty (nose job), laryngeal shave (reduction of Adam’s apple), brow reduction, brow lift, chin implant, neck liposuction, cheek implants, lip lift, lip reduction, jaw line reduction, jaw angling and hairline lowering, also known as forehead reduction.

Due to the fact that a large forehead is a very masculine trait, Hairline Lowering Surgery is commonly sought out to feminize the male face. Hairline Lowering can be combined with any Facial Feminization Surgery. Typically, the first “go-to” surgeries are ones that will reduce or eliminate an obvious male attribute. Such features include brow reduction and a laryngeal shave as a protruding brow bone and a protruding Adam’s apple are common male features. A rhinoplasty is also one of the first sought after Transgender surgeries, as the male nose is often larger than the female nose and can often have a wider base and a more protruding presence on the face. By minimizing the width of the nasal bridge as well as adding a gentle scoop, and by repositioning and refining the nasal tip, a significant change can be made to feminize the face.

Hairline Lowering Surgery alone can help feminize the face as it reshapes the forehead while reducing the height of the forehead. Transgender women often feel more feminine and attractive after they have reduced the size of their forehead.

Following your Hairline Lowering Surgery

Hairline-Lowering-Surgery-TorontoMost patients require 7-14 days at home following their Hairline Lowering Surgery. Sutures and staples are used and will be removed as early as 7 days, and can take up to 14 days for all to be discarded. Dr. Philip Solomon recommends that all his patients sleep with their head elevated for 3 days following Hairline Lowering Surgery to help reduce swelling.

Bathing is recommended until day 4, at which time you can then resume showering and washing your hair using a gently shampoo and conditioner. A hairdryer and brush cannot be used until all staples and sutures have been removed 2 weeks following surgery. Make-up can be used 2-3 weeks post-operatively and hair colour can be used 2 months following Hairline Lowering surgery. It’s also best to hold off on travel until all sutures and staples have been removed.

Final results of your Hairline Lowering Surgery should be apparent at 1 month. It can take up to one year for scars to completely fade, however at this point you should be fully enjoying the results of your procedure.

Schedule a Consultation

For more information about Hairline Lowering Surgery in Toronto, feel free to schedule a consultation with Dr. Philip Solomon, a specialist in Facial Cosmetic Surgery in Toronto, by calling The Solomon Nasal and Facial Plastic Surgery Centre at 1-866-293-0616

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