This is a question that many people interested in their first Micro Laser Peel have, and the answer is a big Yes!

In fact, Micro Laser peels safely and precisely remove the outer layers of the skin: specifically the “dead or aging” skin cells on top of the living skin. This treatment do not harm the deeper layers of skin. Rather, it stimulates the skin with the laser energy to produce collagen. Within a few months, the outer layers of the epidermis will grow back to it’s pre-peel thickness. However, these layers will appear brighter and healthier as most of the blemishes and sun damage has been removed.

How Skin Works

The surface of skin is called the epidermis. It comprises five layers of skin cells in various stages of maturity. As the bottom layer divides, it pushes the other layers towards the surface. Cells that are old enough die and form a top layer of dead skin. This dead skin flakes off slowly, every couple of weeks. As the outer skin layers age, the thick strong vertical collagen fibers break down into a thin web. This means that the lower layers of skin are more taut and elastic than the upper layers. This is a major reason why micro laser peels are so effective.

How Micro Laser Peels Compare to Microdermabrasions

Microdermabrasion works by mechanically removing the top layer of dead skin cells through an abrasive tool. These cells have the least elasticity of all five layers. The top layer shows wrinkles way more than all other layers. It also is the first to show discoloration, like blemishes and sun damage. Microdermabrasion scraps off the dead skin, thus improving the skin’s appearance for a few weeks. However, it cannot go deeper. Abrasion is too imprecise to be effective on lower layers of skin; it could grind grit into the living tissue if used too extensively. The best you can hope for with microdermabrasion is to improve your appearance for a month. Whereas Micro Laser Peels, on the other hand, delivers precise laser energy to safely and effectively remove several layers of the epidermis with taking off not only the dead skin, but also the aging skin. Micro Laser Peels can be fine for each patient, depending on their skin concerns. Common concerns include acne scars, fine lines, uneven skin tone (age spots and blemishes) and laxity skin. Therefore, the laser energy levels adjust according to the skin issues of each person. The average down time can range from 2 days to 7 days. This procedure is typically involves a highly skilled nurse. He or she will taylor it to your specific needs. To achieve optimal results, Micro Laser Peels is planned in a series of three sessions spaced three months apart.

The Re-Growth Process

Over time, with the natural aging process, the layers of skin will continue to age and will require ongoing maintenance to achieve healing. Common factors that age the skin include smoking, sun exposure, poor skin care regime and often hereditary. Although Micro Laser Peels are very effective in removing signs of aging in the skin and stimulating collagen to improve the elasticity and integrity of this skin, life style habits, day to day skin care, and SPF protection is essential to obtaining long term results for youthful looking skin!