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It’s no wonder that this transformative procedure still leads the way for men and women of all ages who seek cosmetic surgery. In Toronto, rhinoplasty, commonly known as a nose job, delivers more than just a new shape or nasal dimensions, but can genuinely restore confidence and satisfaction with one’s appearance. Due to the central location of this prominent facial feature, correcting perceived aesthetic issues can be a priority for many people.

Technological advancements have allowed skilled facial cosmetic surgeons to achieve both the incredibly subtle and dramatic alterations that patients request. A nose which is out of balance with other facial characteristics can be significantly improved with more natural outcomes than ever before. Is this the procedure you’ve been looking for? Read on to learn more about what a nose job can achieve for you.

Toronto Nose Job- Is It Right For YouChoosing Your Facial Surgery Specialist

Dr. Phillip Solomon is an Otolaryngologist-Head and Neck Surgeon, specializing in Facial Plastic Surgery, and his patients represent diverse demographics, including Persian, Asian, European and African American clients. The reasons for requesting a nasal surgery are as varied as people are, and a true nose job expert considers each, unique patient independently. There are no one-size-fits-all solutions for a nose job. So, what would you like to change?

Primary Rhinoplasty In Toronto

When a person has not undergone a nose surgery before, their nose job procedure is termed, primary. Common cosmetic concerns include a bump on the bridge, crooked or asymmetric nose, a bulbous tip, downturned or upturned nose, large or overly projecting nose. As well, some people seek help to build up a more prominent bridge, others to reduce theirs. Nasal implants can be crafted from the patient’s own cartilage, and other stable medical implant materials such as Gortex are also useful.

Thousands of people in Canada schedule nose surgery each year due to facial injuries, functional/structural problems, or cosmetic concerns like size and shape. Dr. Solomon has extensive reconstructive and ethnic rhinoplasty experience, making him a trusted name in Toronto and across the country.

Secondary/Revision Rhinoplasty

To correct an issue that arises after primary procedures, or to repair a nose that is otherwise damaged, complex, in-depth facial anatomy and reconstructive training are essential. This area of cosmetic surgery is highly specialized due to the intricate nature of the nose.

After a previous operation, the bone, cartilage and soft tissue may be scarred, diminished and otherwise challenging to manipulate. It is vital that a knowledgeable surgeon undertake extensive reconstructive or revision work because the blood supply to delicate tissues and strength of existing structures can be compromised. Trust your secondary surgery only in the hands of an expert.

If you’re considering self-improvements and wish to make changes to your nose, we would love to meet you. Please contact us today to schedule your personal consultation with Dr. Solomon and take the next exciting step on your journey.

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