What You Need To Know Before Your Botox Treatment in Toronto

What You Need to Know BEFORE YOUR Botox TREATMENT


  • Botox is a prescribed medication and can only be administered by doctors and qualified nurses
  • Be sure to share your complete medical history with your Injector, including medications and supplements, allergies; If you are pregnant or trying to conceive
  • If this is your first Botox treatment, your Injector may want to be more conservative with your treatment to see how your body responds to Botox
  • There are multiple neuro-modulators on the market, ensure which product is being used for your treatment. Botox is a brand name
  • Communicate with your Injector about what your goals are for your Botox Treatment; natural results versus “frozen facial appearance”
  • Ask your Injector what Botox can and cannot do for your face
  • Have realistic expectations about your Botox results; touch-ups may be required
  • Your skin will be cleaned prior to your Botox Treatment with antiseptic
  • An ice pack prior, and following your Botox Treatment can help prevent bruising
  • Eating spinach, kale and celery for 1 week prior boosts Vitamin K to help blood clotting

Avoid 1 Week Prior to Your Botox Injection To Minimize Bruising

  • Aspirin, Ibuprofen (Advil, Aleve, Motrin or Generic)
  • Vitamin E
  • Fish Oil or Omega-3’s
  • Ginko Bilboa, Ginseng
  • Alcohol


Botox treatment results


  • DON’T apply makeup or spray tan for 6 hours after your Botox Treatment
  • DON’T drink Alcohol for 48 hours after your Botox Treatment
  • DON’T get too hot for 24 hours after your Botox Treatment
  • DON’T do strenuous exercise for 24 hours
  • DON’T touch the area with unwashed hands for 6 hours
  • DON’T apply pressure when cleansing your face
  • DON’T have facials, laser treatments, microdermabrasion etc. for 1week
  • DON’T consume blood thinning medication for one week


  • DO make PRONOUNCED facial expressions for 1 hour after your Botox Treatment as this helps Botox become absorbed by your body. Smile, Frown and Raise your Eyebrows.
  • DO stay upright for 4 hours after your Botox Treatment to avoid increased blood flow and pressure that could cause Botox to spread to other unintended areas of the face as well as limit longevity of your result
  • DO take Arnica or topical Vitamin K for bruising (Green or Yellow Concealers can help cover bruising)
  • DO call your Medical Professional if you experience any side effects or complications from your Botox Treatment
  • DO use icepacks after your Botox Treatment
  • DO take Tylenol or Motrin to treat pain if required
  • DO resume your regular routine; no downtime is required
  • DO follow up injections every 3-4 months to maintain your results

Trust An Experienced Facial Surgeon

Consult with Dr. Philip Solomon today in order to receive the advisement of a qualified facial surgeon who is highly skilled in the application of Botox. As its popularity has soared throughout the decades, Botox has remained as one of the top five non-surgical cosmetic procedures performed regularly in Canada. It is advisable to seek out the procedure by an experienced professional who is trained and has a high success rate administering Botox.

Don’t trust your face to just anyone as the desired results and your safety are highly dependent on the person administering the treatment. Should any complications arise, a medical physician should always be present. If you are interested in learning more about Botox or any other facial rejuvenation treatments for yourself, please feel free to contact us today for more information.

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