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Many savvy cosmetic shoppers know how popular rhinoplasty in Toronto is. But do you know about the new trend of non-surgical nose jobs? This procedure technique utilizes, thick, highly cohesive injectable fillers to reshape and contour the nose, without touching a scalpel.

Many people want to know; which type of nose procedure is best? This is a tricky question to answer because everyone’s needs and expectations are different. We’ve gathered some ‘need to know’ info about the two different enhancement methods so that you can decide for yourself.

Toronto Rhinoplasty- Is It Better Than A Non-Surgical Nose JobWhat Can The New, “Liquid Nose Job” Do?

This technique can give you temporary nose alterations without the need for anaesthetic, surgery or a lengthy recovery. It can minimize the appearance of a hump, project the nasal tip, create the illusion of a straighter nose and increase the bridge prominence. Only topical anaesthetic, (numbing cream) may or may not be needed, and the entire procedure can be carried out in minutes. The quick, surgery-free treatment is known for the subtle but effective results it provides.

What it can’t do, is decrease the prominence of the nasal bridge, reduce overall nose size, slim the nose or correct functional septum deviation issues. The result is temporary- lasting between 9-18 months- so it cannot permanently solve a cosmetic problem.

What Are The Considerations For Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty In Toronto?

Filler procedures come with their own inherent risks. Though there is no general anaesthetic or incisions at risk for infection, the injection of even natural products like hyaluronic acid, must be administered by a skilled and qualified expert. This is because the complications from incorrect administration include vascular occlusion.

This describes filler being injected in a blood vessel, blocking its flow. Starving any area of oxygen leads to rapid tissue degeneration, scarring or worse. Though this occurrence is extremely rare, it is one reason not to treat the procedure lightly just because it’s non-surgical. Only a qualified facial plastic surgeon with plenty of experience in this area should carry it out.

Conversely, rhinoplasty in Toronto carries the usual cosmetic surgery considerations, including anaesthesia risks, or the potential for a secondary procedure. However, the benefits are plentiful and permanent.

In the hands of an expert, nose surgery can decrease the size and prominence of one’s nose, altering the bone, cartilage and soft tissue as needed. Adding implant material allows a variety of sculpting and reshaping options. The septum can be straightened and repaired, and breathing issues resolved.

Though non-surgical nose jobs can be simple and effective for a few, specific issues, rhinoplasty surgery allows the surgeon to make almost any change to the nose and its function, dramatically.

Today there are treatment methods and products to suit just about anyone, man or woman, who want to improve their appearance. At Solomon Facial Plastic, Dr. Phillip Solomon treats a wide variety of patients with both injection and surgical rhinoplasty. He is double board certified and extremely specialized in the complex area of nasal surgery. When you’re ready to talk about next steps and what options might suit you best, we welcome you to contact us.

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