Is It Possible To Have A Rhinoplasty Procedure Without Sutures?

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The many different types of sutures, (stitches) that surgeons can use to close incisions, are divided into two basic categories, dissolvable sutures and permanent also non as non-absorbant sutures. Both of types of sutures are commonly necessary for Toronto nose surgery.

Permanent, does not always imply that the sutures stay in place forever- though they can. When placed externally to close an incision, they will usually remain in place for 7-10 days, then be removed.

Is It Possible To Have A Rhinoplasty Procedure Without Sutures

Your Toronto nose surgery will likely involve the use of sutures and may involve a few different types. Each surgeon has their own preference for materials to use and there are a wide variety of strength and properties of suture material.

The type of sutures that dissolve over time may take anywhere from a week to several months to completely break down. These are most often used in hidden zones, inside the nose. The material usually appears white or clear and with moisture and time, will break down into fibrous components and be absorbed by the body.

Most of our modern sutures, even dissolvable ones, are made from synthetic materials. These include polyglycolic acid, Monocryl, polylactic acid, and polydioxanone. Permanent suture material includes: Nylon, Gortex, polyester, PVDF and polypropylene.

During an open rhinoplasty procedure, the surgeon will typically close the visible outer-incision area located between the nostrils, with permanent, removable sutures. During an early post op visit, these will be ready to come out. An expert nose surgery in Toronto is done with the finest, thinnest sutures and careful stitching so that the external closure doesn’t develop ridges or, “railroad tracking” caused by inflammation surrounding sutures.

The surgeon may place sutures in order to reshape, move and hold the cartilage structures in place as well. In cases where these are permanent, they will be placed deep within the tissue so that they cannot be seen or felt on the outside.

The use of stitches and the placement of them depends entirely on the specialist performing the procedure. Toronto nose surgery can be performed to remove a bump, reshape the nasal tip, uplift a downturned or drooping nose, decrease the size or straighten a crooked nose, and other aesthetic improvements. Rhinoplasty surgery is a highly complex and specialized area of cosmetic, facial surgery and the techniques and methods used should vary according to each person’s unique needs.

Talk to your surgeon about the concerns and questions you have. They will let you know what your personal nose surgery plan involves, including the use of sutures. Ask your surgeon when your first follow up appointment will be post-operatively and when you can expect to have your sutures take out.

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