Your Toronto Rhinoplasty May Cause Surprising Changes

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Your Toronto Rhinoplasty May Cause Surprising ChangesThe most common reasons people seek rhinoplasty is for aesthetic enhancements, to repair damage from an injury, or to correct a congenital defect like a deviated septum. The normal outcomes are therefore an improved appearance, restored function, and improved breathing and airflow. These are the standard changes and what people going into a Toronto rhinoplasty will expect. However, there are a few unexpected results that might catch a patient off-guard if they haven’t done the research beforehand. Fortunately, you are doing the research beforehand–that’s why you’re reading this. Take a look at some of the surprising changes you might experience following a rhinoplasty.

You Will (Temporarily) Lose Your Sense of Smell

Regardless of the many different changes possible in a rhinoplasty, your nose is going to be unable to perform its olfactory duties for around three weeks following the surgery. The reason for this is simple: your nose will be extremely swollen immediately after the rhinoplasty. This isn’t an issue with surgical technique; it’s just the body’s natural reaction to being poked with a scalpel. Swelling will peak over the first three days of the recovery period and then slowly fade over the following weeks. The swelling will naturally block the flow of air into the nose and seriously stop-up your sniffer.

Your Sense of Smell May Get Stronger

In cases like a deviated septum, the flow of air is already impaired and your nose might not be smelling to its fullest potential. Once corrected with a Toronto rhinoplasty (and when the swelling goes down), you may be startled by a seemingly enhanced sense of smell. It can be jarring at first, but the surprise will pass as you get used to having the same sniff-tastic experience as the rest of us.

Taste Is Also Affected

Your senses of smell and taste are linked. You may have gotten a hint of this if you’ve ever eaten dinner while suffering a really bad head cold. Just like with your ability to smell, a rhinoplasty will dull your ability to taste for the first portion of the recovery process. Also like your sense of smell, you may find your food more flavorful if you are correcting a deviated septum or other impairment.

One perk of having your rhinoplasty in Toronto is that the city is full of exciting dining experiences, so you’ll have plenty of chances to put your taste to the test after recovering.

Your Voice Might Change

Pinch your nose and say a few sentences. You should easily notice that your voice sounded a lot different than normal. The way air flows (or doesn’t flow) through your nose can have a significant effect on the way you speak. This means that, during the recovery period, you are going to sound quite stuffy for the first stage but will naturally clear up over time.

The Quote Breakdown

However, keep in mind that if your Toronto rhinoplasty is to correct a deviated septum or otherwise alter the size of the airways, then permanent vocal changes are possible. The good news is that these changes are usually for the better.

No one undergoes rhinoplasty to make their airways worse after all. Your voice, if it changes, will become clearer and less nasal-sounding. Having said that, if you currently use your voice as part of your career or hobby (singer, announcer, etc.) then the potential for vocal change is worth discussing with your surgeon beforehand.

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