Why Rhinoplasty Is One Of The Most Popular Surgeries Among Transgender Females

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Why Rhinoplasty Is One Of The Most Popular Surgeries Among Transgender Females

Female Feminization Surgery has become very common amongst the transgender population as many now choose to seek plastic surgery to have their physical appearance better reflect their inner self. In sharing her story, Caitlyn Jenner shed light on just what can be achieved with plastic surgery and perhaps gave others confidence to make these changes for themselves. In fact, Female Feminization Surgery is often sought out prior to gender reassignment surgery so that transgender females can feel more confident in their appearance as well as more socially accepted as a female.

For a male transitioning to female, there are many surgeries available to help refine the male face, the most popular of which is rhinoplasty. The shape of a nose has the ability to give a face a more feminine appearance, which is why patients undergoing a transition find rhinoplasty surgery to have a profound and transformative effect.

The nose being the most central feature of the face can also make a dramatic difference to the male face. By reducing the width and length of the nasal bridge and by reshaping, lifting and refining the nasal tip, a male face can often look more female with rhinoplasty surgery alone. In fact, it’s quite common for rhinoplasty to be the initial Female Feminization Surgery for the transgender female. Some transitioning patients choose to have this surgery alone due to the significant visible impact a rhinoplasty can have, while others may choose to combine this surgery with two or three other surgeries so that they achieve a more impactful result.

While rhinoplasty is the most popular procedure, other common transgender surgeries include Brow Reduction, Brow Lift, Adam’s Apple Reduction, Cheek Augmentation, Lip Lift, Chin Reduction or Jaw Contouring. Depending on ones’ needs, typically, male patients transitioning to female will choose more than one surgery combined with rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty, Brow Reduction and Adam’s Apple Reduction (Laryngeal Shave) are often the first 3 “go-to” surgeries due to the prominence of these male characteristics. Quite often, patients will then proceed to seek further refinement to their face with a Cheek Augmentation or Lip Augmentation.

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When undergoing a rhinoplasty for the purpose of transitioning from male to female, it’s imperative to choose a Facial Plastic Surgeon who is an expert in Female Feminization Surgery. While many plastic surgeons may perform rhinoplasty on males, there are other factors to take into consideration when performing rhinoplasty on a male who is transitioning to female. The skull of a male is larger than that of a female and therefore must be considered in rhinoplasty surgery.

The overall balance and facial harmony must be maintained as a nose that is too small or upturned may look unnatural and not well proportioned. Males typically have a more prominent nose, a wider brow ridge, an obtrusive dorsal ridge, wider nostrils and wider nasal tip, therefore, refining these features and reshaping the nasal profile is the goal of Transgender Rhinoplasty.

As far as the upper age limit and just how old one can be to undergo rhinoplasty surgery? That too depends on a patients’ physical and mental health. A mature patient that has a chronic medical condition such as asthma, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure or an active uncontrolled disease would likely not be a candidate for rhinoplasty surgery.

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