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Lip Reduction in Toronto is less prevalent on social media however it’s a procedure sought out by those who feel the size of their lips interfere with their facial appearance, and more specifically their smile. Some people may be genetically predisposed to having fuller lips, while others may have previously enhanced their lips with permanent filler that over time has changed the shape of their lips.

Dr. Phillip Solomon specializes in both Lip Reduction surgery as well as Lip augmentation surgery in Toronto, helping his patients improve their facial aesthetics.Lip Reduction Toronto Lip Reduction surgery is typically straightforward and less invasive than many facial cosmetic surgeries, performed under local anaesthesia at the Solomon Nasal and Facial Plastic Surgery Centre in Toronto. Lip surgery is far different from dermatological procedures, and you’ll need to ensure you choose an experienced, qualified facial plastic surgeon to help you get the look you want.

Lip Lift & Lip Reduction in Toronto- Why do patients choose these cosmetic treatments?

Lip Reduction surgery may be sought out by patients of African American, Asian or Swedish backgrounds all of whom may be born with larger lips. Others who were looking for fuller lips in the late 90’s or early 2000’s may have been treated with permanent filler that may have resulted in granulomas, asymmetrical or misshaped lips that evolved over time. In either case, the procedure for lip reduction surgery requires removing skin tissue from the upper or lower lips, or both. Also, as people age, sometimes the upper lip becomes progressively lower and hides the teeth. People can’t always put their finger on what’s changed, but they recognize signs of an ageing mouth when they see it.

Types of surgical lip reduction in Toronto

Lip Reduction TorontoThere’s more than one way to surgically enhance the lips and create your dream smile. Depending on a person’s individual needs, the approach their facial surgeon takes will be customized for them. In general, all lip reduction surgery involves removing skin from the lower or upper lip, or both. The “Brazilian” technique focuses on reshaping the lower lip. To achieve the desired volume and rebalance lip contours, the surgeon will remove tissue in the centre of the bottom lip.


Dr. Solomon performs upper lip lifts through a small incision along the bottom edge of the nose. A thin section of skin is removed, and the edges brought together with incisions well-hidden in natural creases. The upper lip is lifted and somewhat everted to show more mucosal skin with this technique. The effect can be that the lip appears fuller as well as elevated. Another lip reduction variation is the corner lip lift. Those who have a naturally frowning, downturned smile can elevate the outer corners of the mouth to create a positive, refreshed and attractive smile.

How Is It Done?

Dr. Solomon performs the corner lip lift through incisions at the corner of the mouth to remove small wedges of skin. Incisions are planned on the mucosa ( inside edge) of the lips, so they’re hidden from view. The surgeon removes excess fat, silicone filler material and tissues to reduce lip volume or restore the desired shape. Once Dr. Solomon is satisfied with the appearance, he places tiny sutures (stitches) in place, which are usually hidden inside the mouth somewhat. Lip surgery is generally performed under IV (twilight) sedation with local anaesthesia. Regardless of the approach used, it will typically take about 1 hour to complete.

Reasons You May Be Interested In Lip Reduction Surgery:

  • You feel your lips are too full and prominent for your face
  • Men may feel their lips appear feminine due to size
  • You want your upper teeth to show when you smile
  • Your lips have changed with age
  • You want to improve lip symmetry
  • You want to reduce or balance the lips after dermal fillers
  • You want to correct the lips due to cleft lip and palate

Toronto Lip Reduction Surgery- Are There Side Effects?

Any surgical procedure carries some risks but choosing an expert plastic surgeon will ensure your procedure is done safely with minimal chance of infection or unwanted scarring. The lips are quite sensitive, so inflammation, bruising and temporary discomfort are all expected, but very manageable. Risks can be minimized by following instructions your surgeon provides regarding incision care and activities to avoid. In Toronto, lip reduction surgery is considered safe when performed by Royal College-certified surgeons.

Lip Reduction surgery Recovery Time

Swelling or redness can last for a few days, but you should be able to talk and move comfortably. Sutures will remain in the lips for 7-10, allowing the lips to heal. The time frame for Lip Reduction recovery is a lot shorter than many other cosmetic surgeries. Generally, our patients take between 7-10 days off work to recover in the comfort of their home.

Dr. Solomon will then see you for your follow up appointment 4-6 following your procedure to ensure that you have optimal healing and are on track. At Solomon Facial Plastic, we do recommending avoiding anti-inflammatory medications and select supplements from to Lip Reduction surgery. Following your surgery, you will have some modifications to your routine for the first few days that may include:

  • Eating soft foods for the first week
  • Avoid opening the mouth wide for two weeks
  • Avoid hot tubs, swimming pools
  • Avoid applying makeup such as lip gloss or lipstick over the incision until healed
  • Avoid strenuous activity that elevates blood pressure for 4 weeks

Are You A Candidate For Lip Reduction In Toronto?

If you’re curious about making changes to your lips, you’re welcome to book a private consultation to learn more about your options and inquire if you’re a candidate for the procedure. Typical candidates for lip reduction surgery are those who are bothered by the size, position or shape of their lips. If you have naturally large or uneven lips, lip scarring, or permanent fillers, surgery may help you reach your goals. The best way to find out if this procedure is right for you is to meet with an expert in person. Experienced facial plastic surgeons dedicated to head and neck surgery have the skill and knowledge to recommend the specific approach that you need.

When you meet with Dr. Philip Solomon, he will listen to your concerns and questions, provide detailed information and support your decision-making process to ensure that you get what you want. At Solomon Facial Plastic, we welcome your questions, and we are always here to help. To find out what Lip Reduction surgery in Toronto can do for you, contact us today.

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