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Who knew selfies would one day be a regular part of our social fabric? Anywhere you look today you’ll see the under-40 crowd snapping close-up photos of themselves with their phones, to post online and share with friends. Smartphones have developed innovative features to enhance the selfie-taking experience. However, there is one issue they haven’t addressed, and it could be causing unnecessary problems.

According to the JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery journal, surgeons are warning that what you see reflected back at you in your phone pics, may be a misrepresentation of your facial features.

Are Selfies Driving People To Get Nose Jobs In TorontoRutgers University facial plastic surgeon, Boris Paskhover, reported to the paper’s author that patients have been seeking him out, complaining their noses look ‘too big’ in their selfies. He says he’s attempted to explain camera distortion to people who are holding cameras too close to their faces. To prove this concept and alleviate patient concerns, Paskhover created a mathematical model with his co-authors to study and demonstrate how the distance between camera lens and subject causes distortion.

What they found was surprising and definitely news that all young self-photographers need to hear. When a lens is within about 12 inches of the face, it can cause the nose to appear 30% larger than usual. That’s right- if you think you need a nose job, you may be mistaken.

The rest of the aesthetic community has noticed trends related to selfies as well. In the United States, the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons conducted a poll in 2017 in which 55% of facial plastic surgeons said they’d seen patients asking to look better in their selfies the prior year.

When you meet with Dr. Solomon, he’ll examine you and listen to your goals. He’ll show you 3D imaging and talk about the possibilities and potential outcomes you can achieve through your transformation. We look forward to meeting you.

Nose Jobs in Toronto – Is Your Phone Lying To You?

Perspective and distortion of objects via distance are constants in your life, whether looking at a building, a tree, or your own nose. Our brains will tend to manipulate or correct images according to what we think and know, but the camera is limited in what it can do and will always amplify the objects closest.

That can cause great alarm for people who study photos in their phone as hard evidence of their appearance. A better plan would be to have pictures taken from the front and side, at a distance of at least a few feet. The recent analysis suggests that if a person consistently takes portrait shots up close, they may not have an accurate view of their appearance and that’s not a sound basis on which to plan a Toronto nose job.

If you think you may benefit from cosmetic nasal surgery, commonly referred to as a nose job, we’d like to hear from you. Dr. Phillip Solomon is a renowned Otolaryngologist Head and Neck Surgeon practicing Facial Cosmetic Surgery with 20 years experience in this complex and rewarding field.

He performs hundreds of nose jobs in Toronto each year and sees patients of all ages, ethnicity and background. Each procedure is a unique, customized transformation and selecting a board-certified facial plastic surgeon with extensive training and experience in this area is the most critical first step.

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