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Rhinophyma TorontoWhen researching nose surgery in Toronto, you will likely encounter different terms referring to this particular procedure. Rhinoplasty, Revision Rhinoplasty. Septorhinoplasty, Tip Plasty. Alarplasty and Alar Reduction are just a few of the commonly used words used to describe different procedures of the nose.

Alar Reduction, also known as Alarplasty, is a surgical procedure used to narrow the width of the nostril base, decrease the overall size of the nostril as well as reduce nostril flaring. A wide nostril base can make the nose appear wide, and by narrowing the base only, it can give the appearance of the entire nose looking more refined. Alar reduction can be performed independently or in combination with Rhinoplasty surgery.

Patients of African American, Asian and South American descent often possess a nose with a wide nostril base; often combined with a low nasal bridge. For this reason, Rhinoplasty surgery combined with an Alar Reduction can be carried out to address all cosmetic aspects of the nose.

What to Expect from Alar Reduction Rhinoplasty Surgery?

Alar Base Reduction Surgery can be performed under local or general anesthetic. When carried out as an isolated surgery, Dr. Philip Solomon performs Alarplasty under local anesthesia at his Toronto Rhinoplasty Surgical Centre. The incision is made around the nostril crease where the cheek and nostril meet. A portion of the nostril wall is then removed and the opening is sutured closed. The shape of the incision may vary from patient to patient depending on the shape of their nostrils. The surgery typically takes 45 minutes and the patient can return home immediately following the surgery.

Alar Reduction Recovery

The recovery period ranges from patient to patient however, typically, sutures remain in place for 7-10 days before being removed. The area around the incision may remain a bit red, tender and swollen while it heals. Any significant swelling from the Alar Reduction should subside anywhere from 2-3 weeks post-operatively however it can take up to one year for all swelling to completely resolve. The placement of the incision allows for the scar to be camouflaged easily with makeup while it heals, which can take up to one year.

You can resume your regular routine one-day following your Toronto Alar Reduction. It’s recommended to wait 2 weeks before resuming a moderate exercise routine, however, it’s preferred to wait 4 weeks before resuming any heavy lifting or an aggressive exercise routine.

What Causes Nostrils to be too Wide?

The outer edges of the nostrils are comprised of fibrous, fatty and soft tissue. The amount of fibro-fatty tissue is what causes nostrils to be too wide, too big or simply misshapen. For this reason, patients start to explore their options. Alar reduction is an ideal choice to narrow the width of the nostril base to decrease the overall size of the nostrils as well as to reduce the amount of nostril flaring that can cause the nostrils to expand across the cheeks.

How to determine your ideal nostril size and shape? Visualize an invisible line starting from the inner corner of your eye that extends down towards your chin. Your nostrils should ideally rest within that line and not crossover when flared. The objective of Alar Reduction is to blend the shape of the nose with other facial features. Seeking an experienced, skilled and meticulous surgeon is highly recommended for your Alar Reduction Surgery.

Dr. Philip Solomon is a renowned Canadian Surgeon who specializes in Rhinoplasty Surgery in Toronto. Dr. Solomon is an Otolaryngologist Head and Neck Surgeon who has been practicing Facial Plastic Surgery for 20 years and welcomes you to see him in consultation at the Solomon Nasal and Facial Plastic Surgery Centre in Thornhill or his downtown Toronto office.

Dr. Philip Solomon

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