What Activities Should Be Avoided After Toronto Nose Surgery?

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After your rhinoplasty procedure, it is necessary to follow your surgeon’s aftercare instructions carefully, as physical certain activities will not facilitate a safe and speedy recovery. Although most patients resume work and other activities within one to two weeks of the procedure, strenuous exercise, blowing your nose, and sun exposure should be avoided after your Toronto nose surgery to ensure optimal results.

What Activities Should Be Avoided After Toronto Nose Surgery

Strenuous Exercise

For the first several days after your procedure, it is important to give yourself time to rest and to avoid exerting too much energy. Although you may feel up to resuming physical activities within a few days of your Toronto nose surgery, your nose will be delicate during this time so you must avoid exercise and other strenuous physical activities while the bones and cartilage heal.

Work and light physical activities such as walking can be reintroduced within seven to ten days, however, it is necessary to refrain from rigorous physical activities such as jogging, swimming, aerobics, and weight-lifting for at least 4 weeks following your rhinoplasty surgery. Your Toronto Plastic Surgeon will advise you about the most appropriate timeline for you and the activities that you like to do. Contact sports such as basketball and volleyball should be avoided for several months because they pose a much greater risk of injury to the nose.

Blowing Your Nose

While it may be challenging, it is important to avoid blowing your nose for the first 4 weeks postoperatively, as doing so can damage the nasal mucosa and may cause nose bleeds, negatively impacting the results of your procedure. Blowing your nose should also be avoided as the action of squeezing your nose can damage the healing nasal tip, thereby rupturing sutures or causing injury to the nose.

In the event that you experience congestion post-operatively, a nasal saline spray can be used to relieve congestion and moisturize the internal nasal structure. While it is impossible to avoid sneezing and coughing, it is advisable to reduce the pressure of your cough or sneeze by using your mouth rather than your nose when possible.

In the event that you feel a sneeze coming on, open your mouth to reduce pressure build up within your nose. Allergy sufferers should speak to their doctor about medications that can be used to reduce symptoms such as sneezing.

Sun Exposure

In the first few weeks and months following your nose surgery in Toronto, your nose will be more susceptible to damaging UV rays, so it is important to limit your sun exposure. During your procedure, blood vessels that are damaged temporarily weaken the nose’s blood supply.

Healthy circulation takes time to be restored and as a result, the nose is more prone to sun burns during this time. In addition, because the nose may be numb for the first several weeks post-operatively, it can be difficult for patients to immediately detect when their nose is burnt. Thus, it is crucial to stay in the shade whenever possible, be diligent about sunscreen application, and wear a hat when outdoors.

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