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Cosmetic Procedure: Liquid Facelift

A great option for facial rejuvenation if you’re not quite ready for Plastic Surgery is The Liquid Facelift, a uniquely designed combination of dermal fillers, strategically injected into the face, to give you results that can be comparable to facial cosmetic surgery.

As early as our 30’s the first signs of deep wrinkles begin to appear as our bodies ability to produce collagen and elastin begins to decline. The loss of volume and elasticity is what leads to the formation of wrinkles, lines and folds. By the time we enter our 40’s, thinning skin and age spots add to the changes we have already started experiencing, causing sagging skin and a duller and uneven complexion.

What Is The Liquid Face Lift?

Liquid Facelift Cosmetic TreatmentA Liquid Facelift is a specialized treatment using advanced dermal fillers such as Juvaderm, Restylane, Radiesse and Bellafill to lift and contour your face as designed by Dr. Solomon in your customized treatment plan. For some, the goal of their Liquid Face Lift is to lift the entire face. For others, it may just be to contour selected areas of the face most affected by the aging process.

A Liquid Facelift has the ability to gently lift facial features, reduce wrinkles, creases, lines and folds, restore natural curved facial contours, and provide an overall youthful and refreshed appearance. Botox and Dysport may also be used as part of your Liquid Facelift treatment.

In a traditional facelift, incisions are made at the temple, around and then behind the ear and into the hairline. The skin is then lifted for access to the underlying muscles and connective tissue which are tightened and secured with sutures. The result is a smoother, more refined jawline and neck, giving the patient an overall refreshed, more youthful look. Traditional facelifting is generally recommended for women in their fifties and older.

At the Solomon Aesthetic Facial Plastic Surgery Centre, Dr. Philip Solomon, Otolaryngologist, Head and Neck Surgeon practicing Facial Plastic, is a renowned surgeon with 20 years of experience with facial rejuvenation. In his consultation with you, he will analyze your facial anatomy and devise a custom treatment plan for your Liquid Facelift treatment.

Stress, diet, hormones, pregnancy and environmental exposures all play a role in how your face will age gracefully. While some of these elements are within our control, others are not. It’s important that you feel and look your best at every age and Dr. Philip Solomon, renowned Otolaryngologist, Head and Neck Surgeon practicing Facial Plastic Surgery, specializes in non-surgical facelifts, and can achieve outstanding results for patients not ready to undergo a surgical facelift.

Liquid Facelift

A Liquid Facelift can specifically address under eye bags and dark circles. Sagging jowls can be lifted and eliminated. Flattened cheeks and receded temples can be returned to their natural shape by restoring facial volume. The corners of the mouth can be lifted and the lips plumped giving your lips a more youthful presence.

Bumps on the nose can also be addressed with a non-surgical nose job to further enhance the overall effect of the Liquid Facelift. The combination of restoring volume and contouring can lead to profound and dramatic results.

Dr. Solomon has been using facial fillers for over two decades and stays up to date on the newest techniques available. As a Facial Aesthetic Surgeon Dr. Solomon has a comprehensive understanding of facial anatomy and facial beauty.

Potential Of Liquid Facelift

A Liquid Face Lift has the potential to last for a period of 1-2 years, depending on the selection of products used for your Liquid Facelift. Depending on your goals and the treatment plan designed by Dr. Solomon, your results can be quite dramatic or quite subtle. As with any cosmetic procedure, results can vary from patient to patient.

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Dr. Solomon meticulously and artistically injects the dermal fillers in the desired treatment areas to achieve the most effective and natural results possible. Every filler product is unique and has it’s own indication on the face. Most fillers are comprised of natural ingredients that are also produced by the body and can actually help the body regenerate its own collagen.

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