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Have you been thinking of treating yourself to a nose job in Toronto, but can’t decide when the most convenient time will be? The winter months, and holidays in particular, are a trendy time for scheduling facial cosmetic procedures. Dr. Phillip Solomon shares advice for those who consider planning their rhinoplasty when the weather outside is frightful.

Recovery Could Be More Comfortable For Toronto Nose Jobs In Winter

Most people will take between 1-2 weeks off work and away from strenuous activities, while the swelling and other signs of surgery may take longer. When the days are cold and shorter, people tend to spend more time indoors, laying low and entertaining themselves with relaxing activities.

The Holidays Are The Best Time For A Nose Job In TorontoCompare this with extended hours in the sunshine, trips to the beach, outdoor sports, swimming, and more. Summer months are often so full of things to see and do that missing out on any of it can feel somewhat disappointing. If you think it might be easier for you to watch movies, hang out at home and relax in the winter, then a holiday nose job in Toronto could be easiest for you.

Covering Up Is Less Uncomfortable

Plenty of nose job patients in Toronto want to keep their procedure discrete, so staying out of the public eye and covering the face is preferable for at least the first 7 days. However, it’s far trickier to do that when the temperature is hot outside. Throwing on a billowy scarf and hat helps people cover up without looking strange or feeling sweaty. It’s also common to spend less time outside and socializing in cold weather so it may feel like the time passes much more quickly and conveniently.

Nose Surgery Is An Excellent Excuse For A Staycation

Who doesn’t like to snuggle up by the fire with a hot chocolate and some holiday movies? While many people have excess sick days and vacation time to utilize at the end of the year, others take a standard couple of weeks away every year around this time.

Chances are, your time away for recovery won’t raise any eyebrows. Why not take it to the next level and acquire some extra help with cleaning, child or pet care, so you can truly enjoy your downtime?

You’ll be able to rest and recover in peace, enjoy time off work in peace and return to regular life in the New Year looking and feeling like a new you.

If you’re considering the procedure this winter, you may feel like so many of our patients that this is the perfect time of year to transform the look of your most central facial feature. Dr. Phillip Solomon is a rhinoplasty specialist.

With double board certification and in-depth expertise teaching and performing advanced nose surgery techniques, he is a leading choice for those who want natural, balanced and exceptional results. The caring staff at Dr. Solomon’s office would love to hear from you today.

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