Meet one of Toronto’s top Surgeons. Dr. Philip Solomon, Otolaryngologist Head and Neck Surgeons practicing Facial Plastic Cosmetic Surgery in Toronto, Canada for 20 years. Dr. Solomon specializes in Deep Plane Facelift Surgery, Rhinoplasty and Facial Cosmetic Surgery.

Preeminent Training And Distinctions
If you are looking for a Facial Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon in Toronto, you will want to select a highly specialized expert in this particular area of cosmetic surgery. Dr. Philip Solomon has exclusively focused his practice on facial procedures, and has the expertise and the experience to give you the best possible result. Dr Solomon and his team at Solomon Facial Plastic are committed to providing their patients with outstanding care and will graciously guide you through your journey from the early stages of your consultation right through to the latter stages of your recovery process.

Dr Solomon is certified in Canada and the United States in Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. Dr. Solomon is also certified by the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, an exclusive and elite designation achieved by only a select number of surgeons province-wide in Ontario.

About Dr. Philip Solomon Cosmetic Facial Plastic Surgery
About Dr. Philip Solomon Cosmetic Facial Plastic Surgery

When considering Facial Plastic Cosmetic Surgery, you may wonder where to begin and what the first step should be. Choosing the right surgeon is step one. You want to do your research in order to discern between an experienced and highly skilled cosmetic surgeon and one that is less so. We recommend that you look for a surgeon who specializes in the procedure that you’re interested in. You also want to ensure that the surgeon you choose is one that you can communicate well with, who will listen to your specific goals and who will make you feel at ease. Selecting a cosmetic surgeon who does not have the experience or the expertise to deliver the best possible results could result in you being dissatisfied or perhaps with structural issues that may need a second surgery to correct. Having confidence in your surgeon will also help reduce your level of anxiety at a time when you are going through what can be a life changing procedure.

Dr. Solomon is widely recognized as an industry leader in Cosmetic Facial Plastic Surgery in Canada; having performed thousands of procedures. If you are seeking the guidelines for choosing a surgeon, it is important to remember several key things. To begin with, in Canada, a surgeon should hold the credential ‘FRCSC’ meaning they are fully certified by the Royal College of Surgeons. In addition, the surgeon should be either certified as a plastic surgeon, a facial plastic surgeon, an otolaryngologist head and neck surgeon, or an oculoplastic surgeon.

Men and women who are considering facial rejuvenation through a deep plane facelift Toronto, or rhytidectomy, procedure have many more options available today than ever before. Advances in technology and surgical technique are allowing surgeons to employ less-invasive methods of tightening excess facial tissue to achieve a longer-lasting, more youthful appearance for their patients.

Those who are looking to treat aging of the lower face, which includes removal of sagging cheeks or jowls and loose skin or “wattles” underneath the chin, are the best candidates for the traditional deep plane facelift Toronto procedure. Patients who choose facelift may range in age from their 40s to 60s and up, depending on the degree of sagging and wrinkling as well as overall health. Since the needs of patients seeking facelift Toronto surgery in their 40s are vastly different than those encountered in their 60s, different surgical and non-surgical options will be offered depending on each individual’s situation and goals.

Come take a tour of Dr. Solomon’s Nasal and Facial Cosmetic Surgery Clinic located in old Thornhill village just North of Toronto. The office video tour shows the elegant but comfortable clinic designed to enhance ones experience as they consider facial and nasal plastic surgery. See our computer imaging software which allows patients considering rhinoplasty, facelift, facial implants to see what result from cosmetic surgery may be possible. Our skin analysis system is also shown which will help patients objectively evaluate their skin colour, texture and imperfections. Visit our laser rooms to see advanced lasers for facial resurfacing and light therapy. Our exam rooms designed for Botox and filler treatments.

Cost is a big consideration when it comes to taking care of yourself. Elective Cosmetic Surgical procedures that are performed solely for cosmetic reasons are generally not covered by OHIP but may be covered by certain insurance policies. If there is a functional component of your surgery or if the surgery is reconstructive or restorative in nature OHIP may pay for a portion of the procedure.

Dr. Solomon is very familiar with which procedures are covered by OHIP and which procedures may qualify for partial coverage. He will advise you of your fees for surgery and also explain to you if there is a portion of the surgery that is covered by the OHIP insurance plan.

Dr Solomon tries to keep his fees competitive and affordable. Most procedures requiring local anesthetic are performed at the Solomon Facial Surgery clinic or a hospital Out Patient facility. Procedures requiring a general anesthetic are performed in the safe environment of a community hospital. In situations where a patient requests surgery which involves a general anesthetic to be performed at a private surgical centre then the fees may be 500-1000 dollars higher than indicated on the chart.

Prices & Policies
Prices & Policies

In order to best assist you, we require all cosmetic patients to schedule a virtual or in-person consultation. There is a fee of $250 with imaging plus HST for all consultations. Your consultation fee will be credited towards your procedure and/or treatment. To schedule a consultation, please complete the attached form or call our office at 905-764-7799. We look forward to hearing from you.