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elleve Facial Skin TighteningIf you have been looking for a new option for rejuvenating your appearance without undergoing a surgical procedure, the Pellevé™ Wrinkle Reduction System could be just what the doctor orders. This recently FDA-approved treatment softens facial wrinkles with almost no pain, no anesthesia, no needles, and no downtime. After a single, one-hour treatment, you could see firmer, tighter skin and, even better, those results could last for up to six months.

The Pellevé System causes the area where skin and the fat layer meet, to heat up by delivering constant, gradual energy to the skin. The top layer of skin remains protected as the heat causes the collagen deep inside the skin to contract and stimulate the growth of new collagen over time. This new collagen growth results in firmer, tighter-looking skin in the treated area.

Medical studies prove that Pellevé is safe, effective and the side effects and discomfort are quite minimal. The fact that there is little to no recovery time needed after the treatment is one of the most impressive attributes of Pellevé over the competition. Even the busiest patients can fit it into their schedules. The Pellevé procedure for the entire face usually takes about 45 minutes to one hour to complete, and because the top layer of skin is protected and no anesthesia is used, there is no recovery time needed before heading back to work or on to other activities. It is a great treatment for women to enjoy right before a special event to look their best without breaking the bank. Since the results can last up to six months, there is no need to schedule a weekly or even monthly appointment for treatments. Again, saving patients time.

There is yet another advantage of not having to use anesthesia with Pellevé. Because their skin has not been numbed, the patient can tell the doctor what they are feeling, describing the depth of the sensation as the handpiece is moved across the face. That feedback during the procedure helps the doctor fine tune the treatment, customizing it to provide the best results for each patient.

The Pellevé treatment is performed in the doctor’s office and begins with a protective gel being applied to the facial areas being treated. Then a warming device or handpiece using advanced radiowave technology is glided over the areas causing a deep warming sensation in the skin. In fact, patients who have had the treatment remark that is like a warm facial massage. That’s it. Though there might be some mild swelling and redness, it usually goes away within a few hours to a day.

The great thing about the Pellevé Wrinkle Reducing System is that many patients do see immediate results after just one treatment. And they continue to see lasting improvement for up to six months from the new production of collagen the treatment has stimulated.

A consultation with Dr. Solomon will enable him to determine if the Pellevé Wrinkle Reduction System is right for you based on your age, skin type, and your individual aesthetic enhancement goals. A consultation will help him decide the recommended number of treatments for your individual optimal results. As with any procedure, you should tell Dr. Solomon about all the skin care products you are currently using as well as those you have used in the past, any cosmetic treatments or surgeries you have had, and any medications you are taking.

Pelleve Featured in Marie Claire

“As I waited for my new investments to go to town on my slumping skin, I considered stepping things up with a visit to a cosmetic doctor’s office. (Apparently, I’m the last woman in Manhattan without one on speed dial.) Among the latest no-knife firming procedures are Ulthera, which uses ultrasound for tightening and lifting lax skin, and Pelleve, a radio-frequency treatment new to the U.S. but already popular in Europe and Japan. This, along with the fact that Pelleve requires no anesthesia and no recovery time, sparked my interest.

It turns out Pelleve uses radio-frequency technology to precisely heat deep layers of the skin and painlessly tighten the tissue and stimulate the growth of collagen—all within six weeks. “An analogy would be if you have a balloon filled with air and the balloon starts to deflate,” explained Dr. Philip Miller, a board-certified facial plastic surgeon in Manhattan. “You can only inflate a wrinkled balloon so much with fillers, or you can contract and tighten the skin—which is what Pelleve does.” Treatments are recommended every six months, and prices range from $500 (eyes) to $1,500 (full face) per session. Depending on how much work is needed, one or two sessions (with a few weeks between visits) will suffice.” Ariel Leve, Marie Claire Online.

Pellevé Featured on Dr Oz

Today’s Doctor Oz show featuring “Age Erasers”, Dr Doris Day introduces an alternative to an actual face lift, the new Pellevé 30 minute treatment to tighten skin. The small radio frequency (RF) device from Pellevé greatly reduces the appearance of wrinkles and requires just a few minutes for treatment. Dubbed “The Wrinkle Wand,” physicians and patients are seeing improvement in just two treatments.

Dr. Day describes the procedure as painless, fast, done in the office, no downtime… good results in just two treatments.

Fine lines, wrinkles and loose skin are a fact of aging, but scientific breakthroughs in recent years have led to advanced methods of skin tightening – helping reverse these signs of aging. Patients now have options that spare them expense and pain of surgical procedures such as facelifts and offer lasting results. Pellevé is one of the latest skin tightening treatments to hit the market and many patients and physicians are singing its praises.

Dr. Thomas Barnes, a cosmetic surgeon who offers Pellevé in Orange County California says “I have used many other skin tightening technologies, including Thermage, unlike these other technologies there is no discomfort, only a soothing effect. I have had Pellevé performed on myself.”

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Normal skin with wrinkle

Wrinkle with Pellevé System

Skin after Pellevé Treatment

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