Here is Why Older Patients In Toronto Are Choosing Rhinoplasty Surgery

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Here’s Why Older Patients In Toronto Are Choosing Rhinoplasty Surgery

Although Rhinoplasty is most commonly performed on people in their late teens to mid 30’s, middle aged or older patients are also becoming regular candidates for the procedure. Among our Toronto Rhinoplasty patients, we have found that many people often wait until they are older to make cosmetic changes to their face.

There are a few common reasons we have found for this choice.

With age, many patients notice that they are beginning to display visible signs of aging in the nose such as a bulbous or drooping tip. In these cases, a Rhinoplasty can be performed either as a stand-alone procedure, or even in conjunction with another anti-aging treatment to rejuvenate their appearance. By subtly correcting a drooping or bulbous tip, patients are able to enjoy a refreshed and younger look without visible signs of aging to their nose.

Another common reason why older patients are choosing Rhinoplasty in Toronto is to correct breathing problems. As we age, there are structural defects that can either develop or become more pronounced, resulting in difficulty breathing.

A deviated septum may become more pronounced as one ages resulting in problems breathing. Rhinoplasty surgery can improve airway function and correct breathing issues related to discomfort and difficulty breathing, therefore making it a popular choice for older patients looking to restore normal breathing patterns.

In some cases, older patients also turn to Rhinoplasty simply as a means to fix aesthetic issues that they have been living with, and would like to now correct. Rhinoplasty can be safely and effectively used on older patients to correct a poorly defined nasal tip, alter a nose that is too big or too small or to remove bumps on the bridge of the nose. However, dramatic changes tend to be trickier in older patients, and subtle improvements are typically recommended in order to ensure the best outcome.

Rhinoplasty Surgery in Toronto is generally considered a very safe surgery and is typically well tolerated by our patients at Solomon Facial Plastic. However, as with any surgery, there are certain risks, that tend to increase with age. For patients over 50 who are considering Rhinoplasty in Toronto, a comprehensive health assessment will usually be performed along with a lengthy discussion on the risks and benefits before a treatment plan is formulated.

There are also certain physical changes that take place with age that may render Rhinoplasty in older candidates more challenging. For instance, as the nasal skin thickens with age, it can become more difficult to drape, and more susceptible to scarring.

At our Toronto Rhinoplasty clinic, we put patient safety and comfort at the forefront and will never operate on a patient for whom the procedure may be potentially unsafe. During a consultation, Dr. Solomon takes great care to perform a thorough evaluation to determine whether the patient is a suitable candidate, and can achieve the results they are hoping for.

Regardless of age, if you are considering Rhinoplasty in Toronto, it is extremely important to choose a highly skilled and Board Certified plastic surgeon with specific expertise in the type of procedure that you are looking for.

Dr. Solomon has 20 years of experience treating patients from a variety of ethnic backgrounds and age groups to address a multitude of nasal concerns. To determine if you are a suitable candidate, we encourage you to contact our clinic to set up a consultation today.

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