Are impactful changes to your appearance and elevated confidence on your holiday shopping list? We’ve compiled a list of great reasons why rhinoplasty in Toronto could be a perfect gift for you this season.

While you’re spending time shopping and considering what each loved one would like, don’t forget to give thought to what would make your year, or New Year, bright. Many people wait until the summer holidays to consider undergoing cosmetic changes, but winter can be an even better time of year for rhinoplasty surgery.

Sun Avoidance

In Toronto, rhinoplasty is a top choice for men and women of all ages and backgrounds. A single procedure can straighten, sculpt, refine, reduce or reconstruct this central feature of your face. Like other facial cosmetic surgeries, requires that you stay out of the sun and away from certain activities temporarily.

During the summer months, people usually like to get outside and enjoy the sunshine. This can involve sports, swimming, tanning or any number of activities that are, unfortunately, not advised post-nose job. When you’re temporarily forced to stay low-key and relaxed, knowing that it’s cold outside and the days short, makes passing the time feel less like deprivation. The sun is not as intense in the winter and more comfortable to avoid with hats and scarves.

Vacation Time

Do you have sick days or vacation days piled up? People often have a week or two to use up before year-end, or they plan to take a couple week’s vacation on the winter break anyway. It won’t stand out as unusual or evident if you take some time to recover from a discrete nose job on your holiday vacation.

If you don’t mind the people you work most closely with asking questions, you can likely return in 7 days. You may have a little swelling or bruising left. By the two week point, most of that has resolved, so those who value their privacy will often wait a full two weeks before returning to the public eye.

New Year’s Resolutions

How often have you planned to put a new face forward on January 1st, but then felt like nothing had really changed a few months into a new year? For many people, working hard to get their body in shape, improve health, boost confidence and feeling more attractive are worthy missions to start each year, but they quickly lose traction.

Making the bold step to undergo rhinoplasty in Toronto can be the catalyst for change that you need to drive you into 2019. Improve what you’ve always wanted to, balance the features that bother you, and feel better about the image you present each day. Small things often go a long way, and it all starts with one step.

We welcome you to call the Solomon Nasal and Facial Plastic Surgery Centre when you’re ready to consider this gift to yourself. Whether you’re seeking a straightened bridge, alar adjustment, tip or hump rhinoplasty, Dr. Philip Solomon has the expertise to deliver natural results that are authentic to you.

Dr. Solomon is well known for his ability to correct and improve highly complex revision rhinoplasty work as well. He is a double board-certified in both Canada and the United States and is highly sought-after specialist. He performs hundreds of nose surgeries each year, and he’ll be happy to meet you, learn about your goals and help you get started.

We look forward to meeting you.

Oct 04th 2019