Rhinoplasty is a type of plastic surgery that is used to adjust the form and function of the nose. This can involve removing a bump, correcting a crooked or hooked appearance, repairing damage from a broken nose, shifting the position of the septum (the wall between nostrils), or other types of alterations.

Although rhinoplasty is often thought of as a purely cosmetic procedure, it can offer far more than aesthetic improvements. In Toronto, rhinoplasty offers many additional benefits besides making your nose look better, and they should not be underestimated.

Enhanced Self-Esteem

How we perceive ourselves is a large part of what influences our self-esteem. It can be uncomfortable to interact with others or put forth the “real you” if it constantly feels like your nose is throwing things off. Plastic surgery cannot solve problems, but it can remove distractions. Rhinoplasty can bring your nose into harmony with the rest of your face to help you feel more confident so that it no longer obscures or distracts from your other features. This can leave you with more self-confidence, a greater willingness to put your best foot forward, and an overall more positive approach to life.

Better Sleep

How you breathe affects how well you can sleep. If your nasal passages are too narrow or if the airflow is uneven–such as in the case of a deviated septum–your ability to have a good night’s rest may be disrupted. This is most easily seen in cases where a deviated septum results in sleep apnea, a condition where you actually stop breathing periodically while asleep. In addition to interfering with your ability to get rest, sleep apnea can also cause dry, cracked skin and make you more prone to nosebleeds. Having a rhinoplasty can restore the natural flow of air through your nose and let you sleep (and breathe) easy.

Helps Your Marriage

Snoring is loud and annoying and can be disruptive to the sleep quality of anyone you share a bed with. In addition to the normal effects of interfering with sound sleep, snoring can place additional strains on relationships and the stress can amplify other issues or inconveniences. In the long term, it’s even possible to experience hearing loss from constant snore-exposure. Choosing rhinoplasty to treat a snoring problem won’t necessarily save a relationship, but there’s no doubt your partner will enjoy having a quiet night without needing to sleep in another room.

De-Clog The Sinuses

The sinuses drain into your nose and if these passages are too narrow they become easily blocked by mucus. This makes people more prone to sinus headaches, pain, and inflammation. These issues are compounded if you also happen to suffer from hayfever or similar allergies. Toronto rhinoplasty is able to adjust the nasal passages to help improve drainage and reduce the frequency of clogs. It’s also possible that your sinus problems are rooted in a problem with the nose itself, such as the ever-annoying deviated septum. Once again, rhinoplasty can be employed to correct the underlying issue.

Toronto rhinoplasty surgery is more than just a way to improve your appearance. It can improve your ability to breathe and help you (or your partner!) get a good night’s sleep. For more information on rhinoplasty or to book a consultation, call Solomon Facial Plastic at 1-866-293-0616.

Oct 04th 2019