Changing the appearance or form of one’s nose through cosmetic surgery has become extremely common around the world. In Toronto, rhinoplasty can be customized to alter size, shape and other nasal characteristics, while septoplasty describes a procedure designed to straighten and realign internal nasal passages. A person who has a deviated septum may have difficulty breathing and desire a more proportionate nose. In many cases, a combination, septorhinoplasty will correct both form and function, making it a versatile procedure. As popular as nose jobs have become, many myths persist. We’ve compiled a guide of myths and facts around this cosmetic surgery for the nose.

1. You Can Have Any Nose That You Want Through A Toronto Rhinoplasty

False. The truth is, you can improve the appearance, proportion, and function of your nose but the surgeon is limited by the anatomical characteristics you present with. Often, drastic changes to the nose would either look very unnatural and incongruous with the other facial features, or compromise structure and function. As well, a person’s skin, bones, and cartilage will provide the parameters for possible improvements. In short, you can have a better nose, not someone else’s.

2. Rhinoplasty Is A Very Painful Procedure

False. Thankfully, the truth is nearly the opposite as many patients report that swelling, congestion, and pressure can be feltpostoperatively, but there is minimalpain, if any. The procedure is performed under general anesthetic which means you are soundly asleep during the process. Your facial plastic surgeon will ensure you have adequate anti-inflammatory and pain medication to keep you comfortable when you wake, but aside from uncomfortable packing temporarily placed in the nostrils (in some cases only of septo-rhinoplasty patients); this is not known to be a painful process.

3. Toronto Rhinoplasty Is Completely Scarless

False. This is not entirely true if the open-rhinoplasty method is used, however, even with that more invasive approach, only a tiny incision on the columna of the nose is used, and this becomes an extremely faint line when healed that most people could not spot with the naked eye.

4. You Can See Your Final Results In A Few Weeks

False. Recovery time can be a confusing term as it pertains to rhinoplasty. You may read that recovery is two weeks, or 6 months and longer. So what’s the truth? The post-op healing process after a nose job progresses in stages. You will, in fact, pass some significant milestones in 2 weeks. Most people can return to work at this time. The majority of bruising and swelling resolves by roughly 14 days after cosmetic surgery. You may even begin to see your results taking shape at this point, but only a few weeks out from surgery you will be far from your final result. The delicate nasal tissue holds inflammation for quite some time meaning that slight residual swelling may linger between 6-12 months. The good news is, most people won’t notice and only you and your surgeon will be keeping tabs on details at that point.

5. You Can’t Wear Glasses Or Play Sports When Healing From A Rhinoplasty

True. This point is essential, and there will be other physical restrictions given you that must be followed for optimal results. Any pressure on the nasal bridge or risk of impact and injury could greatly compromise your new nose. While the bones and other internal structures are still healing, you’ll need to treat your nose very delicately. Avoid the gym, sports or lively situations like aggressive dancing at bars and clubs for 4 weeks. You may find your social life is a bit limited for a time, but it is vital that you take precautions while you heal.

Sep 17th 2019