How Will A Feminizing Rhinoplasty Create A More “Female” Nose?

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What exactly is a “feminine” nose? Toronto rhinoplasty is performed to achieve any number of aesthetic effects. These may include a nose size or hump reduction, changing the slope and profile of the nose, narrowing a wide nose or straightening a crooked one.

Today there are more people than ever seeking feminizing facial cosmetic surgery procedures in order to reduce or soften especially, prominent areas of the anatomy. These may include the Adam’s apple, the brow bone, hairline and the jawline. A person’s nose, in combination with other facial features, may also contribute to either a soft, delicate, or stronger, masculine appearance.

The male nose shape and size is usually distinct from that of a woman’s. The bridge may be wider and angular in comparison with a woman’s more delicate, upturned nose. Your surgeon will discuss your desired look with you and consider photo examples in order to visualize the exact changes being targeted.

Patients who seek a more female-looking nose will often find that their surgeon advises them about other, complimentary procedures as well. This is because an experienced facial surgeon knows that the forehead slope, the brow, chin and jaw will all play a role in defining the facial features. Often, we can only see the prominent feature that has taken focus on our face and we will naturally assume that this one feature is responsible for how we look, but often there is more than one issue at play to shape our appearance.

Correcting all of these other areas without addressing the nose could look unharmonious. Likewise, a slim, petite new nose may appear out of place when the rest of the face and neck have not been altered to appear more feminine.

During a Toronto rhinoplasty to feminize ones’ appearance, internal structures including bone and cartilage may be narrowed and refined. A rhinoplasty may be performed alone or in conjunction with other procedures, so it may last between 2 and several hours.

The goal of a skilled facial plastic surgeon should be to change the characteristics of the nose in a subtle way so that it appears more feminine, not merely smaller. As well, most patients still want to look somewhat like themselves so extensive experience and subtlety is key.

If you are considering one or more feminizing facial cosmetic surgery, be sure to schedule your consultation with an experienced cosmetic facial surgeon who understands the important differences between masculine and feminine facial structures. Your surgeon should spend time with you on-on-one to assess your anatomy, your other facial features and your stated goals. They will advise you of a plan and sometimes this includes a constellation of procedures that can help to balance and harmonize the face.

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