The Real Reasons Why People Seek Rhinoplasty In Toronto

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The Real Reasons Why People Seek Rhinoplasty In Toronto

Rhinoplasty, sometimes called a “nose job”, is one of the most common forms of plastic surgery performed in North America and it is easy to understand why. The nose is a prominent part of everyone’s facial features and is a key player in the respiratory system. As most people naturally care about their appearance and easy breathing, it’s no surprise that the nose frequently comes up when considering either subject.

Rhinoplasty is often considered a celebrity luxury as evidenced by looking at the cover of most tabloid magazines. However, Rhinoplasty is now far more common and attainable for most people outside of actresses and models. There are many concrete, practical reasons why someone might seek out a Toronto rhinoplasty and understanding these motivators can help you decide if the surgery is right for you.

Repairing A Broken Nose

Of all the bones in the face, the nose is the most commonly broken. Whether through car accidents, getting accidentally punched, sports injuries, taking a nasty fall, or simply being unfortunate enough to bonk into a door, the nasal bones can get broken or fractured. Although such injuries can heal on their own, the result can leave your nose crooked, off-centre, cause lingering breathing difficulties, or other aesthetic and practical problems.

Addressing Snoring

Snoring is often used for comedy in television but is a legitimate and potentially serious problem, especially for couples. Narrow airways or a deviated septum play a central part in why people snore and rhinoplasty can be used to widen the nasal passages and promote better airflow.

Boosting Confidence

The nose is a prominent part of one’s facial appearance and plays an important role in how we see ourselves. Feeling that your nose is too short, too pointy, off-centre, bumpy, or crooked can impact self-esteem–especially in an age where camera phones and selfies are everywhere. Being able to get rhinoplasty in Toronto means having the opportunity to restore facial symmetry and empower yourself to face the world with pride.


Bullying can play a role when deciding to make a change to the shape of ones’ nose as both self-esteem and confidence can be greatly affected. Children and teens are infamously merciless towards differences and appearance plays a large role in who gets targeted at school. No one deserves to be tormented for the way they look and Toronto rhinoplasty can help restore the self-esteem. However, rhinoplasty can only be performed once a person has reached full physical maturity, for girls typically from 15-17 years of age and for boys 16-18 years of age.

Correcting Sinus Problems

The sinuses and the nose are connected and problems with one can cause issues in the other–just ask anyone who is prone to sinus headaches or sinusitis (inflammation of the sinuses). If the nasal passages are too narrow, you might find yourself suffering from frequent mucus buildups and pain or swelling. Rhinoplasty can correct chronic inflammation and the breathing issues related, if the cause is tied to the airways.

Correcting Birth Defects

Congenital defects like bumps, clefts, or a deviated septum can affect both your appearance and quality of life. Rather than having to put up with recurrent infections, frequent nosebleeds, sleeping difficulties, or other issues that arise from nasal abnormalities, you can undergo a rhinoplasty to improve how you look and feel.

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