Understanding The Many Different Elements To A Toronto Rhinoplasty

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Rhinoplasty is a procedure where a surgeon alters the shape and structure of the nose for cosmetic or medical benefit. It is a multi-step process that can cover the cartilage, bone, and/or skin depending on the exact changes you desire.

For those curious about what elements are actually involved in a Toronto rhinoplasty, take a look below for a summary of the different steps your surgeon will take as they resculpt your nose to bring its appearance into harmony with the rest of your face, or to enhance airflow and breathing. Keep in mind that these steps are being described in general terms and an individual surgeon may not follow them exactly.

Understanding The Many Different Elements To A Toronto Rhinoplasty


In order to begin a rhinoplasty, your surgeon needs to have access to the structure of the nose. This is accomplished by making a small incision either inside the nose itself or along the outer skin between the nostrils (the columella). In order to prevent the scar from being noticeable, the incision is made in a zig-zag shape to help it blend in once recovery is complete. The incision is the only part of a Toronto rhinoplasty that is absolutely required. What happens next will depend on the specific goals you and your surgeon work out during your consultation.

Moving The Nose

If the nose is being narrowed or moved so that it is more centred in the face, the nasal bones need to be shifted. The bones are carefully broken in precise places, moved, and then secured in their new position with a splint. The splint is not permanent and can usually be removed around about one week after the rhinoplasty.

Changing The Bridge

The bridge of your nose is formally known as a dorsum and is a common target for alteration whether the aim is to remove bumps, reduce a hump, add an implant to create a stronger profile, or other possible changes. The bone and cartilage of the bridge is normally accessed by incision but sometimes additional “pricks” are made on the outside to help out. If the goal of the rhinoplasty is to reduce the bridge, bone and cartilage will be delicately removed. If the goal is to enhance the bridge, then an implant is inserted to support and guide the structure.

The Tip Of The Nose

The tip of the nose is primarily made of cartilage and needs to be carefully manipulated in order to adjust size, angle, or prominence. During a Toronto rhinoplasty, cartilage can be sewn together, removed, or repositioned to control the final shape.

De-Deviating The Septum

The septum is the inner wall between the nostrils and a deviated septum is one of the common reasons to seek a rhinoplasty. The septum is coated in a mucous membrane, a protective covering most commonly understood as the reason for boogers. This membrane is extremely important and great care is used when the membrane is lifted to allow for access to the septum.

Much like the bridge/dorsum, the septum is a mixture of bone and cartilage and a similar process is used for the repositioning. Afterwards, the mucous membrane is put back into place and the whole arrangement is held together with stitches or, in some cases, simple plastic tubing.. Like the splint mentioned above, these are not permanent additions and will be removed as part of the recovery process.

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