Does Extreme Hot/Cold Weather Impact Your Rhinoplasty Recovery?

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Does Extreme Hot or Cold Weather Impact Your Rhinoplasty RecoveryWhen making the decision to undergo rhinoplasty, many patients feel anxious about the recovery period. Knowing that you are well prepared and informed can help put your mind at ease, enabling you to focus on resting and rejuvenating as you recover. In addition to considering activity restrictions and time you will require off from work, it is important to be aware of the impact that extreme hot and cold weather can have on your rhinoplasty recovery.

Impact Of Hot Weather

Following your procedure, Dr. Solomon will advise you to avoid sun exposure to ensure a speedy recovery. While this is particularly important for the first 3 months, it is necessary to continue avoiding sun exposure for the first year post-operatively as you continue to heal. Exposing inflamed tissue and incisions to the sun or excess heat can increase your inflammation, swelling and scarring. In addition, sun exposure while healing can alter the pigmentation of your skin and darken your scars. When surgical scars become tanned, the resulting discoloration may be permanent or take several months to fade.

While sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 should be applied diligently in the event that sun exposure cannot be avoided, it is imperative to wait until the incision has completely healed before exposing yourself to the sun and SPF should not be applied to any unhealed wound.

Regardless of what time of year you choose to schedule your rhinoplasty, it is necessary to follow your surgeon’s instructions carefully to achieve optimal results and a safe and comfortable recovery. To learn more and to begin your transformation, please contact our clinic at 905-764-7799 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Philip Solomon, an experienced rhinoplasty specialist in Toronto, dedicated to helping patients safely reach their aesthetic goals.

Impact Of Cold Temperatures

Because of the aforementioned effects of the sun, many patients opt to undergo rhinoplasty in the winter. It is often advantageous to schedule your surgery in the winter months, as it is easier to avoid exposing your nose to the sun and the holidays are often an excellent time to relax and recover. In addition, unlike hot weather, which can encourage edema, cold weather may help reduce the likelihood of post-operative swelling, which can speed up your recovery.

However, winter tends to be a much drier season, due to the drop in humidity and use of central heat. The dry wind, which frequently accompanies cold weather, can be quite harsh on healing skin. As a result, many patients experience dry skin during the winter months, which can irritate delicate mucous membranes and sensitive skin.

Thus, it is imperative to take great care to protect your skin during the winter months, applying creams or ointments and using nasal hydration sprays as directed by your surgeon to ensure that your skin is sufficiently nourished and hydrated as you recover.

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