How Long Do You Have To Wait To Get Lip Injections After Rhinoplasty?

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How Long Do You Have To Wait To Get Lip Injections After Rhinoplasty

Many people wish to have more than one facial cosmetic procedure done at the same time. This is understandable because time, cost and associated discomfort may be reduced if you can take care of more than one procedure in an efficient way. There are times when this approach is not ideal, however, and your facial surgeon may be able to tell you some good reasons why you want to wait to have lip injections if you are planning on having or have just had a nose job in Toronto.

Can lip injections and Nasal surgery be done together?

Perhaps surprisingly, it may be ideal for you to have both your non-surgical lip filler treatment and your surgical nose job, together in the same procedure. The reason for this is that inflammation- facial swelling- builds up gradually in the first few hours and days post- procedure. The natural inflammatory response in reaction to tissue trauma, either due to lip injections or a more significant surgical procedure, means that you can expect your nose, surrounding facial tissue and sometimes the upper lip to grow a little in size and stay swollen for a couple of weeks.

This swelling is completely normal and temporary as well, but may result in the upper lip swelling slightly, beginning shortly after your surgery. Lip filler injections should be done while the lips are not swollen and while your face is in its natural state so that good balance, symmetry and fullness can be achieved and evaluated properly.

During your rhinoplasty procedure, or on the same day, the lips can be treated and assessed to look appealing. This makes the simple, non-surgical procedure a logical addition to your rhinoplasty procedure and will not require much time for an experienced facial cosmetic surgeon.

Should You Have Lip Filler Treatment Done While You Are Healing From Your Rhinoplasty Surgery?

The answer to this question is probably not. The reason is that swelling of surrounding tissue can easily spread to the lips as this is sensitive and reactive facial tissue located just under the nose. For the fist few weeks after a Toronto nose job procedure, any addition of filler to your lips may be difficult to balance and administer accurately due to changing lip volume and contour. Even very subtle differences can create a big impact when it comes to an area like the lips.

It would be best to wait until all facial swelling has resolved and you can be sure that your lips are at their stabilized, natural size again, before adding volumizing lip fillers. If you have lip filler treatment done in the first few weeks after a nasal surgery, it is not considered to be unsafe, however you should understand that disappointing changes could occur as time passes, necessitating a follow up treatment for the purposes of correction.

A helpful way to reduce bruising or swelling more quickly post-treatment can be taking homeopathic Arnica as Dr. Solomon recommends Arnica preventatively to all of his surgical patients.


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