Hyperhidrosis Treatment in Toronto

Hyperhidrosis Treatment in Toronto

MIRA DRY uses heat to permanently reduce sweat, odour and hair under the armpits in less than one hour. 1 in 10 people suffer from excessive sweat.

What Areas Does MIRA DRY Treat?

MIRA DRY is FDA approved to treat sweat, odor and hair removal under the arms, on patients 18 years of age.

How Long Does MIRA DRY Last?

MIRA DRY results last indefinitely and are permanent. Results from neuromodulator treatments can last for an average of 3-6 months.

Do You Have To Shave Prior to a MIRA DRY Treatment?

It is recommended to shave under both underarms 4-6 days prior to your MIRA DRY treatment to ensure hair is visible for treatment.

How Does MIRA DRY Work?

MIRA DRY uses thermal energy to target the sweat glands. Once those sweat glands have been eliminated, they do not grow back.

How Much Does MIRA DRY Cost?

One treatment of MIRA DRY can range in price from$250 with imaging0-$2200 depending on the clinic.

How Many MIRA DRY treatments are needed?

Typically, patients are very satisfied after just one treatment. Patients can achieve an 80% reduction in sweat and odour with one treatment and may consider a second treatment to improve their results.

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