How Long Does Swelling In The Tip Last After A Toronto Rhinoplasty?

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How Long Does Swelling In The Tip Last After A Toronto Rhinoplasty

In Toronto, rhinoplasty, frequently referred to as a nose job, is one of the most requested facial cosmetic surgery procedures available to men and women who wish to improve their appearance. Although this procedure can bring about a dramatic transformation, helping patients to achieve a nose which better suits their face, it is important to understand that swelling does take time to dissipate and in some cases can take up to one year for final results to be apparent. Swelling in the tip, in particular can take longer to resolve.

1-2 Weeks

Immediately after the procedure, most patients experience moderate swelling. Although this swelling typically dissipates once the splint is removed seven to ten days post-operatively, in most cases, it returns within a day or two as the splint is no longer there to hold the swelling down. It is recommended that patients take at least one week off work and other responsibilities during this time because 50% of the swelling will likely be visible.

3-4 Months

After 3-4 months, 70-75% of swelling is usually resolved and patients begin to feel excited as they see their new nose take shape. Keep in mind that the tip, or bottom third of the nose often remains a little swollen. Although it is difficult, it is extremely important to be patient throughout this process, as the swelling that persists in the tip may cause your nose to appear asymmetrical or bulbous. While this can be frustrating, it is a normal part of the recovery process and the swelling in the tip will continue to dissipate.

9-18 Months

In most cases, the final 25% of the swelling resolves itself typically 12 months following your rhinoplasty procedure. While residual swelling may be evident to the patient, it is extremely subtle and is therefore typically undetectable to others. As it subsides, patients will begin to see the final results of the procedure, as their nose gradually becomes more refined.

18-24 Months

In some cases, particularly if patients have thicker skin or if significant tip work is performed, it may take 18-24 months for swelling in the tip to completely resolve itself. This means that while it may be difficult, it is important to be patient and avoid judging the results until all swelling has resolved. Individuals who undergo an open rhinoplasty or revision rhinoplasty in Toronto are more likely to experience prolonged swelling in the tip as well.

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