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African American Rhinoplasty

Ethnicity plays a significant role when it comes to Rhinoplasty surgery. African-Americans and Caucasians generally have different nose structure characteristics. Caucasian patients tend to seek rhinoplasty surgery to reduce the overall size of their nose with ‘reduction rhinoplasty surgery’ while African-American patients are often hoping to enhance their nose with ‘augmentation rhinoplasty’. Augmentation refers to “increasing in size” a portion of the nose; in the case of the African-American nose, the dorsal bridge, by creating a structural enhancement.

One of the most prominent characteristics of your face, is your nose, which would explain why it can have such an impact on one’s’ self-esteem. Confidence is often a patient’s motivation for having plastic surgery. African-American Rhinoplasty is no different and is often driven by a patient’s preference towards a different shaped nose.

African-American Rhinoplasty surgery however, is very different than Caucasian rhinoplasty surgery and since the nose is such a delicate component of a person’s facial structure, it is important that only the most skilled and experienced surgeon performs an ethnic rhinoplasty in order to achieve results that enhance the nose while maintaining their ethnic appearance.

At Solomon Facial Plastic, we are known for our exceptionally natural-looking rhinoplasty results, African-American rhinoplasty is part of our clinic’s expertise.

African-American Rhinoplasty

African-American RhinoplastyAs it pertains to augmentation rhinoplasty, this process, in particular, may involve narrowing the nasal tip, reducing nostril size and in some cases lengthening the nose and raising the nasal bridge. Patients of an African -American background are not looking to make their nose ‘Caucasian’ but are rather looking to improve their nasal proportions and enhance their overall appearance.

Like with any rhinoplasty surgery, it is important for the patient and surgeon to share a common and realistic goal. It is also crucial that the surgeon has experience dealing with African-American noses as the techniques for this procedure are different than those used in Caucasian rhinoplasty surgery. Not only does Dr. Philip Solomon have nearly 20 years of experience in African-American rhinoplasty surgery, he also uses the most advanced and cutting edge surgical techniques available in order to restructure your nose to look natural and authentic to you.

What Is Different About An African-American Rhinoplasty

Patients that are seeking an African-American rhinoplasty should look for a skilled and experienced surgeon who will accentuate their features and not change their unique ethnic look. Generally, African-American noses have thicker nasal skin and weaker nasal tip cartilage. This intrinsic anatomy results in a flatter and wider appearing nasal tip and wider horizontally oriented nostrils. The size of this flatter lower bridge varies, as does the width of the nostrils.

Getting To Know The Different African American Rhinoplasty Techniques

The eyes and the nose are typically the first places we look at when talking with someone, making these areas highly common for facial cosmetic plastic surgery procedures. With regards to African-American rhinoplasty surgery, there are different cosmetic surgical rhinoplasty techniques commonly used to alter the nose and to rejuvenate and rebuild the look around the nose. The techniques vary depending on which characteristics of the African-American nose are being addressed; wide nostrils, a wide nose bridge, and/or a wide nasal tip. Due to the fact that every patient’s face is different, the techniques used will also vary for each African-American rhinoplasty surgery in order to achieve a very personalized result.

There are a number of rhinoplasty techniques available to rhinoplasty surgeons when dealing with the African-American nose. Among the most common procedure is cartilage grafting to strengthen and support the nasal tip. This process strengthens the nasal tip in a similar manner to elevating a tent with a post. Cartilage grafts can be taken from the nasal septum, ear cartilage, and in some cases rib cartilage. Sometimes, synthetic implants such as medpore are recommended to reconstruct the nasal tip.

African-American patients also often choose to have their nasal bridge raised as this gives a more proportioned and often narrower appearing nose. Again, cartilage grafting from the nose, rib cage, and ear can be used to raise the nasal bridge. In certain situations, Gortex (a synthetic medical grade surgical implant) can achieve a dramatic enhancement of the nasal bridge.

Watch a video of Dr. Philip Solomon performing a rhinoplasty on an African American woman, who sought to enhance her look through this procedure.

Setting Realistic Expectations

African-American Rhinoplasty TorontoThe goal of surgery is to create a natural looking and beautiful African-American nose that will not change your authentic ethnic beauty. The goal is to create symmetry and balance to the face. Patients should set a realistic goal for their rhinoplasty surgery outcome. There are a number of variables that have an impact, including the thickness of the nostril wall. A closed African-American rhinoplasty surgery is often achievable, however in some circumstances, a patient may require incisions externally around the nostril rims that are generally well hidden, as well as at the base of the columella. The extent and character of the African American nose alteration will be planned in advance in consultation with Dr. Solomon in order for you to have a realistic goal for your rhinoplasty surgery outcome.

As Dr. Solomon has performed hundreds of African-American rhinoplasty surgeries and he makes every effort to work with a patient’s anatomy and any scarring from previous surgery, to minimize long-term scarring. Dr. Solomon listens to his patient’s needs and unique goals in order to achieve the very best possible result.

If you are thinking about getting an African-American rhinoplasty, scheduling a consultation with Dr. Philip Solomon will provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Getting To Know Dr. Solomon

Dr. Philip Solomon is one of Canada’s most experienced rhinoplasty surgeons. He has performed thousands of rhinoplasty procedures. He treats patients from all backgrounds and has extensive experience treating patients of African-American descent. If you have dreamt of having a nose that is more ‘you’ and that feels more attractive, natural and well-suited, you are in excellent hands with Dr. Solomon. His experience and expertise will help you reach your goals.

African-American rhinoplasty is a procedure that has to be done in a very careful, meticulous manner, as the transformation of the nose will impact the look of other facial features. In inexperienced hands, this procedure has the potential to throw a person’s facial features out of balance. Different ethnicities typically have unique nasal and facial characteristics.

Dr. Philip Solomon

Working in Toronto, one of the world’s largest multicultural cities for two decades, Dr. Solomon has experience performing rhinoplasty on patients from every continent. This gives Dr. Solomon a unique advantage in assessing and performing non-Caucasian rhinoplasty surgery. Dr. Solomon will give you an honest assessment of what he can or cannot achieve with your rhinoplasty procedure. Meaning, that a rhinoplasty designed for a Caucasian face may not look as natural on an African-American face.

If you are concerned about whether your surgeon will have a suitable understanding of your specific ethnicity, rest assured that having a meticulous and compassionate surgeon like Dr. Philip Solomon perform your surgery, you will be in great hands. Dr. Solomon is one of the most respected and skilled OTL Head and Neck surgeons practicing facial plastic cosmetic surgery in all of Canada.

To see before and after photos and surgical videos of African-American patients, please visit our website gallery under non-caucasian rhinoplasty.

Am I Right For An African-American Rhinoplasty

Are you a candidate for an African-American rhinoplasty? If you are a healthy adult of African -American descent who would like to enhance the beauty of your nose while maintaining your ethnic identity, then take the next step and call or email our office to schedule a consultation with Dr. Philip Solomon.

Dr. Philip Solomon

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