MicroLaserPeel - Laser Skin Resurfacing Treatment in Toronto

MicroLaserPeel – Laser Skin Resurfacing Treatment in Toronto Skin Resurfacing with Great Results, Minimal Downtime!

Micro Laser PeelWould you like to find a treatment that would provide you with the smoother, younger-looking skin you desire? Getting these great results with the added bonus of little downtime is what you can enjoy with a MicroLaserPeel®.

What is a MicroLaserPeel?

The MicroLaserPeel employs a laser that scans the selected treatment area, removing a very thin layer of skin. This layer of older, damaged skin can give your skin a tired, dull look. The removal of this superficial layer allows fresh, new cells to grow, providing you with a healthy-looking, more vibrant skin surface. It may even reduce the appearance of wrinkles and even out your skin tone.

This sophisticated laser technology can allow for such precise and shallow penetration, that it actually causes little pain and most people do not require any anesthetic. It can be performed in our office and will be personalized for your specific skin concerns and take into account your individual desired results.

SCITON Microlaser Peel

Sciton microlaser peel allows dramatic results from laser resurfacing. Take ten years off your skin with resurfacing laser technology that is cutting edge and a leader in the field. Unlike non ablative lasers such as fraxel which require multiple treatments, sciton laser resurfacing can significantly enhance skin quality, remove wrinkles and facial sun spots with one to two treatments.

What areas and what skin conditions can the MicroLaser Peel treat?

The treatment can be used on almost any area of the skin and on almost any skin type, including darker skin. The most common areas treated are, of course, the face and neck, though some people may want to treat the décolletage or hands.

The MicroLaser Peel can be used to treat sun damage, hyperpigmentation such as freckles, mild wrinkles, some scars, and keratosis, to mention a few.

What to expect during the procedure.

First, the skin in the area to be treated will be gently and thoroughly cleaned. Safety shields will be placed over your eyes to protect them from the laser light. The laser handpiece will be positioned above your skin and held in place while a computer guides the laser beam across the area that you want treated. The laser can be adjusted to treat different depths of the skin, depending on your individual skin needs. The size and number of areas of your skin that are to be treated will determine how long the whole process will take, but you can expect anywhere from fifteen minutes to half an hour.

Is the MicroLaser Peel going to be painful?

The MicroLaser Peel causes relatively little pain during the procedure since it is treating only the uppermost layer of skin. Most patients can handle the treatment with no anesthetic whatsoever. If a deeper setting is required to achieve the desired results, a topical cream can be applied to numb the area being treated.

How will my skin appear right after the treatment?

Your skin may appear slightly red, flaky and feel as though you have had a sunburn, and you could experience some mild swelling. The dry, top layer of skin that has been affected by the resurfacing will gradually peel away over the next few days after your treatment.

How soon will my skin recover from the procedure and look normal again?

The length of time required to recover from the treatment will depend largely on how deep the peel was. Most patients will feel comfortable enough with their appearance to return to work and social activities in about 3 to 4 days. The MicroLaser Peel has been dubbed a “weekend peel” because it is possible to have the procedure done on a Friday and return to work on Monday.

You will be given instructions on how to care for your skin during the recovery period and skin care products will be suggested to help you protect your resurfaced, new skin. Your skin will be quite sensitive to sunlight after your treatment, so you must avoid direct exposure until after your skin has completely healed. We recommend that you always use sunscreen and other protection from the sun. Remember that sun exposure is one of the main causes of damage and premature aging of the skin.

How many treatments are needed to see results?

One of the most appealing features of the MicroLaser Peel is that many patients see excellent results after just one treatment. They report softer, smoother, noticeably improved skin. As with all skin resurfacing treatments, the results will vary between patients and repeated treatments may be necessary. Typically, patients will have a few peels done each year to keep their beautiful results. This unique laser peel is often a part of ongoing maintenance laser skin care program including CO2, fractional CO2, IPL, and Pellevé. The MicroLaser Peel can also be combined with surgical procedures to maximize your aesthetic results. For personalized skin care, it is best to be evaluated first by our nurses here at Solomon Facial Surgery Centre using our skin analysis program.

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