For 20 years, Dr. Phillip Solomon has seen patients of all different ethnic backgrounds and identities for facial cosmetic surgery and is tremendously skilled and highly experienced in rhinoplasty, revision rhinoplasty and reconstructive rhinoplasty.

Having developed unique surgical techniques particularly in rhinoplasty Dr. Solomon is able to achieve exceptional results. A rhinoplasty procedure is a cosmetic surgery for altering or reconstructing features of the nose, including its shape or size, to harmonize facial features and enhance one’s natural beauty.

With increasing acceptance of transgender transformations, individuals who identify as female can undergo a set of cosmetic surgical procedures that include a Toronto transgender rhinoplasty, to alter their male facial features. The male face has distinguishable features that differ from the female face, such as the shape of the nose, lips, cheeks and jawline. The ultimate goal of cosmetic surgery is to transform male facial features to better resemble typical female facial features.

The transgender rhinoplasty performed by Dr. Philip Solomon can help patients achieve a more feminine nose that better matches their aesthetic goals. The features of a general male nose are larger, longer and wider compared to females. For example, the female nasal tip will often have a slightly more visible upward point than their male counterpart. Therefore, when performing a transgender rhinoplasty for a male patient with goals to appear more feminine, Dr. Solomon will remove excess bone and cartilage to remodel and restructure the nose. The male nasal tip gets more refined and the nasal bump gets removed during the surgery to give an overall, more feminine nose shape.

Thus, Dr. Solomon will take these kinds of considerations into account when performing the surgery to achieve the appropriate balance between all components of the face. Otherwise without his expertise, male-to-female transgender patients may have unnatural results that could result in a nose that is too small or turned slightly too upwards.

It’s also important to consider other surgeries a transgender patient may want to have at a later date to further feminize their face. An experienced and specialized transgender plastic surgeon such as Dr. Philip Solomon knows the importance of balance and harmony to achieve the best possible results from facial feminization.

If you are interested in a Toronto transgender rhinoplasty, please contact our clinic for a private consultation with Dr. Philip Solomon. Here, we will discuss how we can help you achieve the most exceptional outcome for your male-to-female transformation and rhinoplasty procedure.

Due to the natural size of the male skull compared to a female’s, the process for achieving natural and proportionate results with a transgender rhinoplasty also differs from an average female rhinoplasty.

Oct 04th 2019