The Benefits of Combining Chin Implants with Your Rhinoplasty Procedure

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The word beauty may have a variety of connotations depending on the person using the term. The face is one region of the body that attracts a lot of attention when speaking of beauty. There is more to facial beauty than just your eyes, hair, or lips. The overall symmetry of the facial framework is an important part of the perceived attractiveness of an individual.

Among the structures that constitute the face, none are as significant to facial harmony as the nose and chin. The centralized position of these structures makes them some of most prominent feature of the face that cannot be missed at a quick glance. Their unique position on the face explains their use in the determination of facial symmetry.

The Benefits of Combining Chin Implants With Your Rhinoplasty Procedure

Altering the angle and shape of the nose and chin is a commonly performed procedure used to transform the appearance of one’s face. In some individuals, the nose protrudes too much, or it may only appear to, because of a recessed chin. The chin is often overlooked by people who are are intent on seeking a rhinoplasty, however, by addressing both of these features can greatly improve the overall outcome.

Why Perform The Chin Implants With Rhinoplasty?

Once you and your surgeon have determined that your appearance could be improved with additional volume or projection in the chin area, combining these two procedures will save time and money. Avoiding the repetition of anaesthesia, surgical consultations, pre-operative planning and follow up. You can also save several weeks worth of your time that you would lose if you would have them done separately.

Patients with a deficient or uneven chin who undergo standalone rhinoplasty may notice the disproportion of the chin appears further exaggerated or they do not perceive the improvement they expected from the rhinoplasty.

Based on medical literature, these two procedures combined have shown better visual outcomes and long-lasting improvements. Even several years after the surgery, there is no change in the length of the chin after implants because they will not be reabsorbed or change shape over time. Temporary facial fillers used to create a similar effect in the chin area are short-term, whereas the chin implants are long-lasting and can be inserted at the same time as rhinoplasty to make it more convenient for you.

At Solomon Facial Plastic we routinely perform rhinoplasty and chin augmentation together to balance facial structure and create a more balanced appearance.. To find out if this combination is what you have been looking for, call us at 1-866-293-0616 to schedule your consultation at our Thornhill location with Dr. Philip Solomon.

Dr. Solomon is a reknowned Otolaryngologist Head and Neck Surgeon practicing Facial Plastic Surgery for 20 years in Toronto. Dr. Solomon is a faculty member at the University of Toronto. If you require further information, our receptionists will be happy to guide you through the process.

Often, the perception of a, “large” or protruding nose is significantly improved by increasing the chin and bringing this feature into balance. The nose itself may not require as much reduction as the patient believed.

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