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When considering a nose job, you may come across different terminology describing surgical procedures for the nose. Rhinoplasty is the most commonly used term to describe nasal plastic surgery. Rhinoplasty can also be further categorized depending on what part of the nose is being surgically altered. For example, the dorsal hump refers to modifying the nasal bridge, Nasal Tip Plasty is the reshaping of the nasal tip, Alar Reduction is a surgical procedure to reduce the width of the nostrils and Septoplasty corrects a deviated septum and improves breathing issues. Some patients seek to have just an isolated area altered, while others may require more than one alteration.

Alar Reduction is a component of rhinoplasty. Alar Reduction is a specific technique that addresses the width of the nostrils only. The alar is the area of the nose that extends from the tip of the nose and rounds outwardly towards the cheek. An incision is made on either the exterior or interior of the alar region in order to remove excess tissue. Neither bone nor cartilage are touched, therefore the recovery time is much less than your typical rhinoplasty surgery.

Primary RhinoplastyA Tip Plasty is surgery exclusive to the nasal tip and is limited to a select group of patients who have a tip malformation only. Typical candidates for Tip Plasty are people who have a bulbous tip, droopy tip, asymmetrical tip, over or under projected tip and/or wide asymmetrical nostrils. A Tip Plasty addresses the reshaping of the nasal tip through rotation, elevation and deprojection. Nasal Tip Plasty also allows the surgeon to narrow and refine the nasal tip. In Tip Plasty, the recovery time is much quicker than that of a rhinoplasty as the nasal bones are left untouched. Often Dr. Solomon recommends a complete rhinoplasty to his patients so that the final result is optimal and so that the nasal tip blends proportionately and uniformly with the nasal bridge.

Unlike a traditional rhinoplasty surgery, an Alar Reduction does not require general anesthetic, only local anesthesia. In some cases, a patient may only request an Alar Reduction as an isolated surgery. In other cases, an Alar Reduction is conducted as part of a complete rhinoplasty and in that case, would require general anesthetic.

A Septoplasty is a non-cosmetic surgical procedure that involves the reconstruction of the partition that separates the two nasal cavities within the nasal septum. When the septum deviates to one side, breathing can be impaired. A Septoplasty is limited to the internal structure of the nose, therefore, if you are looking to address the external appearance of the nose as well, you would then require a combined Septoplasty and Rhinoplasty, known as a Septorhinoplasty.

In select cases, a septoplasty can improve the aesthetic appearance of nostril asymmetry. However, the majority of patients seeking nasal cosmetic surgery typically have a Septorhinoplasty in order to achieve optimal results for both nasal function and nasal aesthetics.

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African American Rhinoplasty

African American rhinoplasty is a unique procedure that requires the expertise of a facial cosmetic surgeon who is experienced in handling and enhancing the natural beauty of African American noses. Generally speaking, there are differences between the noses of African American patients and European patients.

For example, African-American noses tend to have thicker skin, wider nasal passages, flatter nasal bridges, and wider nasal bones, as well as other subtle differences in facial features. While Caucasian patients may wish to reduce the overall size of the nose with “reduction rhinoplasty surgery”, an African American nose is a little bit different. It is never our goal to “make a Caucasian nose”. When we complete an African American rhinoplasty, it is our goal to ensure that the patient receives a nose that preserves their ethnicity and respects their ethnic background.

Asian Rhinoplasty

Asian rhinoplasty works with the unique anatomy of an Asian face, building from the natural beauty and providing a result respectful of a patient’s heritage. The goal of an Asian rhinoplasty is to create a harmonious, natural and refined nose that is compatible with Asian patient’s facial features.

Primary Rhinoplasty

Asian Rhinoplasty Procedures

The goal of Asian rhinoplasty is not to create a Caucasian nose, but to augment the pleasing features of an Asian nose within the context of Asian-specific facial proportions.

If you are seeking an Asian rhinoplasty, you want a surgeon who is familiar with Asian facial proportions. Dr. Solomon is highly skilled, experienced and accomplished surgeon in this field, having completed Asian rhinoplasty procedures for nearly 20 years. Through the initial consultation process, Dr. Solomon will discuss with you the goals of your Asian rhinoplasty and what is realistically achievable with regard to your own unique anatomy.

Persian Rhinoplasty

Persian rhinoplasty is extremely popular within the Persian culture. Both Persian women and Persian men are accepting of the benefits one can achieve with rhinoplasty surgery. Persian patients are often knowledgeable and open minded regarding cosmetic surgery, particularly those in the greater Toronto community. It is our goal with each Persian rhinoplasty, to reshape the nose according to the patient’s interests, without losing the natural beauty of their Persian features.

Persian rhinoplasty makes up a significant percentage of the rhinoplasty procedures we perform at our clinic. So much so, that Dr. Solomon is considered a highly respected expert in the Toronto Persian community. Many female Persians come to Dr. Solomon looking to reduce the appearance of an overly dominant nose or sometimes to create a more intrinsic facial appearance.

“Persians are an interesting case. They have slightly thicker skin and are often looking for a relatively significant change to their nose to better balance other facial features, such as large eyes and high cheek bones,” says Dr. Solomon. If you are a member of the Toronto Persian community seeking a rhinoplasty, Dr. Philip Solomon is a name you have likely heard many times, consistent with his outstanding results.


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