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Primary Rhinoplasty

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PPrimary Rhinoplasty Surgery

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A nose is the most prominent feature on a person’s face and can therefore play a significant role in how one feels about themself.

A nose that feels out of balance due to its size, is affected by a bump, or is misshapen, can truly affect one’s self-esteem. Every person is unique and it’s our goal at Solomon Facial Plastic to help you achieve a nose that will help restore your self-confidence.

Dr. Philip Solomon is a renowned surgeon, specializing in Rhinoplasty surgery for nearly two decades and is well recognized for delivering exceptional results to his patients.

Through the expertise of Dr. Solomon, Otolaryngologist Head and Neck Surgeon, specializing in Facial Plastic Surgery, patients will experience the work of a meticulous surgeon whose unprecedented knowledge of rhinoplasty surgery, along with his natural artistry and technical finesse, have delivered outstanding results to thousands of patients in Toronto, from across Ontario and Canada.

Rhinoplasty surgery makes up a large portion of the procedures performed by Dr. Solomon. His extensive experience in both cosmetic and reconstructive nasal surgery is comprised of some of the most difficult and challenging cases.

Primary Rhinoplasty

Dr. Philip Solomon is one of the most trusted names in facial cosmetic surgery due to his passion for his work and for his exceptional ability to treat all ethnic backgrounds. Whether your rhinoplasty is purely for aesthetic purposes, to correct a functional issue, or to make subtle or dramatic changes, we will take the best possible care of you and your unique needs to achieve the best possible outcome.

Thousands of Canadians have rhinoplasty surgery performed every year, making it one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries available. Some of the many reasons patients come to us, include issues resulting from a face-related injury, changes due to age or structure of the nose that a patient was born with and simply wants to change. It is important to remember that as the central facial feature, the shape of your nose has an enormous impact on the balance and harmony of your face.



Is A Rhinoplasty Right For Me?

Primary Rhinoplasty

If you are considering a rhinoplasty, the first question you must ask yourself is, am I satisfied with the look and function of my nose right now? There are many different shapes and sizes of noses – as many as there are faces. No two noses are exactly alike although similarities of faces and their noses exist. It’s important to maintain realistic expectations for a rhinoplasty surgery. A successful procedure should maintain or improve the flow of air through the nose, create a nasal shape that is pleasing to the patient and that blends the nose with the rest of the face.

While there are different options for how one can change the appearance of the nose, a rhinoplasty procedure can achieve long-lasting, dependable, and in most cases, predictable results. If a patient thinks their nose is too large or if there are other aesthetic issues one may wish to change, one must understand that a nose is a highly complex, three-dimensional structure that should achieve a balance with the rest of your face.

No one nose is right for every patient. Therefore, all patients will come in for a consultation with Dr. Solomon prior to any commitment to discuss their concerns and their personal goals. Dr. Solomon will thoroughly assess your facial anatomy in order to recommend a rhinoplasty procedure that is most appropriate to your face and ethnicity. Dr. Solomon will also take the time to go over your options and review before and after pictures of previous patients to provide examples of what different noses may look like in relation to the rest of a patient’s face.

Primary Rhinoplasty Surgery

A ‘primary rhinoplasty’ refers to a type of surgical procedure performed on a nose that has not been operated on before. Rhinoplasty, or a ‘nose job’, is a popular surgery that can make significant improvements to the balance of one’s facial features and to one’s self-esteem. It can also help to correct structural defects that can make it difficult to breathe.

If this is your first rhinoplasty surgery and you have not experienced any sort of trauma to the nose, then you fall under the category of a primary rhinoplasty. This type of rhinoplasty will involve the careful manipulation of existing nasal structures to achieve a desired result. This includes techniques to re-size, re-shape, and/or augment the primary structures. Despite being one of the most popular procedures sought at our clinic, it is also one of the most difficult facial cosmetic procedures to complete. This is because every nose is different.

Every patient has their own unique nose with a different size, skin type, shape, ethnic background, nostril size, bridge size, and other elements to work with. A skilled rhinoplasty surgeon such as Dr. Philip Solomon is able to skillfully retain the uniqueness of a patient’s face while obtaining the best possible result.

About Secondary Revision Rhinoplasty

Revision rhinoplasty’ or ‘secondary rhinoplasty surgery’ is performed following a primary rhinoplasty to correct problems that persist, or to address an aesthetic result that you are dissatisfied with.. Depending on the nature of the problem and its severity, some issues are minor and easily corrected while other cases are more challenging.

At Solomon Facial Plastic we see hundreds of patients who, unfortunately, may have had a negative experience with their first rhinoplasty performed by another surgeon. Revision rhinoplasty can correct issues and solve problems that have either developed since the first rhinoplasty or that have remained unresolved. In consultation, Dr. Solomon will be able to analyze the state of your nose and provide you with options most appropriate for you. Depending on the patient and what remains of the nose, a revision rhinoplasty can be highly difficult to perform. The re-positioning and separation of bone and cartilage to reform the nose can only be done so many times before causing further damage.

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African American Rhinoplasty

African American rhinoplasty is a unique procedure that requires the expertise of a facial cosmetic surgeon who is experienced in handling and enhancing the natural beauty of African American noses. Generally speaking, there are differences between the noses of African American patients and European patients.

For example, African-American noses tend to have thicker skin, wider nasal passages, flatter nasal bridges, and wider nasal bones, as well as other subtle differences in facial features. While Caucasian patients may wish to reduce the overall size of the nose with “reduction rhinoplasty surgery”, an African American nose is a little bit different. It is never our goal to “make a Caucasian nose”. When we complete an African American rhinoplasty, it is our goal to ensure that the patient receives a nose that preserves their ethnicity and respects their ethnic background.

Asian Rhinoplasty

Asian rhinoplasty works with the unique anatomy of an Asian face, building from the natural beauty and providing a result respectful of a patient’s heritage. The goal of an Asian rhinoplasty is to create a harmonious, natural and refined nose that is compatible with Asian patient’s facial features.

Asian Rhinoplasty Procedures

Primary Rhinoplasty

The goal of Asian rhinoplasty is not to create a Caucasian nose, but to augment the pleasing features of an Asian nose within the context of Asian-specific facial proportions.

If you are seeking an Asian rhinoplasty, you want a surgeon who is familiar with Asian facial proportions. Dr. Solomon is highly skilled, experienced and accomplished surgeon in this field, having completed Asian rhinoplasty procedures for nearly 20 years. Through the initial consultation process, Dr. Solomon will discuss with you the goals of your Asian rhinoplasty and what is realistically achievable with regard to your own unique anatomy.

Persian Rhinoplasty

Persian rhinoplasty is extremely popular within the Persian culture. Both Persian women and Persian men are accepting of the benefits one can achieve with rhinoplasty surgery. Persian patients are often knowledgeable and open minded regarding cosmetic surgery, particularly those in the greater Toronto community. It is our goal with each Persian rhinoplasty, to reshape the nose according to the patient’s interests, without losing the natural beauty of their Persian features.

Persian rhinoplasty makes up a significant percentage of the rhinoplasty procedures we perform at our clinic. So much so, that Dr. Solomon is considered a highly respected expert in the Toronto Persian community. Many female Persians come to Dr. Solomon looking to reduce the appearance of an overly dominant nose or sometimes to create a more intrinsic facial appearance.

“Persians are an interesting case. They have slightly thicker skin and are often looking for a relatively significant change to their nose to better balance other facial features, such as large eyes and high cheek bones,” says Dr. Solomon. If you are a member of the Toronto Persian community seeking a rhinoplasty, Dr. Philip Solomon is a name you have likely heard many times, consistent with his outstanding results.