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Septoplasty VS Rhinoplasty | What’s The Difference?

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A nose job in Toronto may refer to all types of nasal plastic surgery. If you’ve begun your research into a facial cosmetic surgery to change the shape or size of your nose, or to correct issues you have with breathing, you will likely find that you see a range of Toronto rhinoplasty costs and varying descriptions of what these procedures involve.

What Is Your Reason For Seeking A Nasal Surgery In Toronto?

If your purpose for looking into the rhinoplasty solution is to correct breathing problems, you are actually searching for what is termed, “septoplasty” and it is similar to rhinoplasty, but not quite the same. Your primary care physician may have referred you to an Otolaryngologist or facial reconstructive surgeon for a septoplasty and in this case a referral will have been sent between doctors on your behalf. In Ontario, provincial health coverage will cover the cost of a medically necessary surgical procedure to solve a congenital deformity such as deviated septum or cleft palate which is complicating normal breathing function.

A septoplasty, on its own, does not aim to change the appearance of the nose. For those clients who wish to correct breathing issues but also change the nose’s appearance, a combination surgical procedure termed, “septorhinoplasty” is a common choice. While partial medical insurance coverage can be offered for this type of combination procedure, the cosmetic, aesthetic element does not fall under the category of “necessary” and therefore, does incur a rhinoplasty cost.

Dr. Solomon has been treating Toronto and Thornhill patients with all manner of nasal surgery needs for nearly 20 years. Your best choice for a nose job should begin by consulting with a skilled surgeon who focuses on the complex surgical subspecialty of rhinoplasty and nasal plastic surgery. Dr. Solomon cares about creating harmonized and proportionate transformation for patients who wish to improve the appearance or function of their nose.

Primary Rhinoplasty

What Is A Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is what many people commonly think of as a nose job. This cosmetic procedure is designed to change the appearance of the nose. Choosing to undergo this nasal surgery in Toronto will often mean reducing the size of the nose, straightening a crooked nose or reducing a pronounced ‘hump’. Many people also choose to narrow or reshape the soft, cartilage tip of the nose, create an elegant upturned nasal tip or narrow a nose that appears overly wide or out of harmony with the rest of the facial features.

How Will You Know What You Need?

The best way to determine which procedure or combination is right for you is to meet with a board certified cosmetic facial plastic surgeon in person. A detailed examination and assessment will reveal details about your nasal anatomy and function that allows your rhinoplasty expert to advise you of a custom, surgical plan. Your Toronto rhinoplasty surgeon will listen to your concerns and goals in order to create changes that you are truly happy with. Dr. Solomon is a skilled Otolaryngologist Head and Neck Surgeon specializing in facial cosmetic and nasal reconstructive surgery.

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