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Will A Rhinoplasty in Toronto Stop My Snoring?

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You may be aware that rhinoplasty in Toronto can reshape, resize and refine your nose. However, did you know this procedure can also be done for other reasons? Reconstructive procedures can repair trauma or the effects of disease. Internal structures which impair comfortable breathing are improved through what’s known as a septoplasty. When aesthetic and functional changes are performed together, the term used is septorhinoplasty.

Could a form of nasal surgery help improve a person’s snoring problem?

Snoring is common, but it can represent serious issues. The annoying buzz-saw, wheezing sound that comes from a relaxed and partially obstructed throat while asleep can also impair breathing and reduce oxygen intake.

Obstructive sleep apnea is a potentially dangerous condition characterized by breathing which stops periodically while sleeping. The problem also causes disrupted sleep which is linked to cardiovascular and other health issues.

It goes without saying that anyone within earshot could be suffering their own sleep deprivation as well.

Multiple physical factors may lead to snoring, including a deviated septum, or internal nasal irregularities. Luckily, there are surgical solutions that greatly improve snoring, and nasal surgery is one of them.

How can a rhinoplasty in Toronto help?

If a deviated septum led to your breathing obstruction, septoplasty could be the surgical solution for you. The procedure is performed under general anaesthesia and takes roughly 2 hours to complete. During a septoplasty, a tiny endoscopic telescope allows the facial plastic surgeon to view internal structures, keeping the procedure minimally invasive. Often, cartilage and bone present as twisted or crooked, which impairs breathing.
Primary Rhinoplasty

The surgeon can straighten and reinforce the opened, cleared passageways after adjusting these tissues. The nose while have a temporary splint placed on the outside and patients can return home the same day. Their recovery will involve roughly two weeks of activity restrictions and time off regular activities. Patients see the majority of swelling resolve within 14 days and because many septoplasties don’t require external incisions, scarring won’t be visible.

Unfortunately, not all snoring issues are as simple to explain or correct. You may have soft tissue irregularities at the back of your nasal passage and throat, allergies, or enlarged turbinates. These can be reduced through a procedure called a turbinoplasty.

Are you a good candidate for rhinoplasty or septoplasty?

The next step for patients considering rhinoplasty in Toronto is to schedule a consultation with a board-certified facial plastic surgeon who specializes in this procedure. Dr. Phillip Solomon is renowned for advanced nasal surgery techniques, including septoplasty and innovative revision procedures. He’ll be happy to meet with you and discuss the issues you’re experiencing. After a physical exam, he’ll have some questions for you regarding your overall health and expectations for the procedure. If surgery can aid your snoring problem, he’ll recommend the best approach to help you breathe comfortably and improve quality of life.

Please contact Solomon Facial Plastic today. We look forward to helping you look your best and feel better about your breathing and health.

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