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What Factors Can Affect The Cost Of A Rhinoplasty in Toronto?

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When considering a cosmetic procedure to improve one of your features, it’s easy to see the value of self esteem and increased confidence. Do you find it more difficult to determine the total cost? If you’re like many of our patients in Toronto, rhinoplasty is a dream of yours, but the surgical fee can be a strain on your budget. Here we will outline the factors that influence your pricing and let you know some helpful ways to plan and make payment easier.

What Does The Price Range For Rhinoplasty In Toronto?

You’ll notice clinic prices vary for a few reasons. The accreditation of the facility and staffing, the experience, education and reputation of the surgeon, and any equipment or medical implant devices used. You can expect a nasal surgery specialist to be priced higher for their expertise and reputation, however, in this complex subspecialty of cosmetic surgery, enhanced skill is very desirable and can make the difference between an outcome you love of a series of corrective surgeries.

Here are a few questions you can ask your facial plastic surgeon to help determine your cost:

Will My Nose Job Be Open or Closed?

Open rhinoplasties may carry higher costs as they are more extensive. Increased OR time, anaesthesia and medical staff fees add to the total.

Is This A Secondary or Corrective Procedure?

Overall surgical costs may be higher for reconstructive surgery due to increased OR time, and more complicated work to be done. The addition of grafts also adds time and expense.

What Structures Will Be Changed?

The procedure commonly involves reshaping the bridge. You may add to that; complex changes to the nostrils, the columella or cartilage at the tip. The more involved your procedure is, the higher the price will be.

Primary Rhinoplasty

Am I Having A Septorhinoplasty?

Many people seek nasal surgery to correct breathing issues which can be caused by a deviated (crooked) septum. Adjusting this tough material between the nostrils may be done with little to no outward changes to the nose. If you also want to change a cosmetic feature of the nose, you’ll be having a septorhinoplasty which combines two procedures. This popular choice may involve an insurance component to lower costs slightly.

Do You Have Medical Financing?

Many people choose to spread their payments out over a more extended period for convenience. If you’re interested in financing options, we’ll put you in touch with a company that can help you offset fees in this way, so your transformation doesn’t need to wait.

We invite you to schedule your consultation with Dr. Phillip Solomon, rhinoplasty specialist. At the Toronto Rhinoplasty and Facial Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Centre, we see patients who want to improve the appearance and function of their noses every day, and we customize treatment for all ethnicities and aesthetic goals. The best way to learn what your procedure needs and what your total cost will be is to visit us for a consultation.

We look forward to helping you create a look you’ll love.

Dr. Philip Solomon is an Otolaryngologist Head and Neck Surgeon specializng in Facial Plastic Surgery including rhinoplasty, to patients from across Canada and the GTA. If you wish to learn more about rhinoplasty or to book a consultation, we welcome you to call Solomon Facial Plastic at 1-866-293-0616.

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