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Want To Know Why Toronto Rhinoplasty Is So Popular For Persian Patients?

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Rhinoplasty is extremely popular among Persian populations and Toronto is home to a wide variety of talented cosmetic surgeons. This alone could explain why the city is a popular destination for nose jobs but the true reason lies a little deeper. Surgeons who are skilled at Persian rhinoplasty in Toronto are a specialized group who take into account a patient’s existing ethnic features to create results that are natural, harmonious, and respect the unique nasal-facial elements from one’s heritage. This is especially important for Persian patients due to the unique place rhinoplasty has in Persian culture.

The Persian Nose

A Persian nose is more likely to have a steep, wide bridge, often with a hump or bump. The tip tends to be elongated and drooping with a hooked appearance. Thick skin along the nose makes rounded or bulbous appearances more common as well. These features can create strong contrasts with other Persian facial elements such as large eyes or high cheekbones, and are common targets for revision.

The most common desires among Persian patients are to remove a hump from the nasal bridge, lift the tip, and to reduce the overall size of the nose. This is a more significant series of changes compared to some other forms of ethnic rhinoplasty, where the goal is usually augmentation rather than reduction. Additionally, Persian noses tend to have thicker skin, which adds an extra layer of challenge to reduction procedures. A successful Toronto Persian rhinoplasty requires a surgeon with a high level of skill and familiarity with the group’s nasal-facial traits—another reason why Dr. Phillip Solomon is a highly sought after specialist for this procedure.

Revisions From Tehran

Rhinoplasty is a common and accepted part of Persian culture—for instance, Iran has a rate of rhinoplasty roughly four times that of the United States—and it’s not uncommon for nasal surgeons here to see patients who want revision of procedures they underwent years ago overseas.

Primary Rhinoplasty

Revisions are performed in Toronto Persian rhinoplasty to correct past over-reductions of the nasal bones, pinched nasal tips causing breathing problems, or to fix a cosmetic condition called “polybeak”, where an under-correction of the bridge or scar tissue leads to a curved hump-like appearance in profile.

The Procedure

A rhinoplasty combines repositioning and reduction of the nasal structure. Bridge humps are removed via shaving the cartilage to sculpt a subtle reduction. The nasal bones can be repositioned to narrow the bridge and further reduce overall size.

One of the more interesting aspects of Persian rhinoplasty in Toronto is the way cartilage can be added to the tip in order to make it appear smaller. This sounds counter-intuitive but it’s a useful way to create a more defined and smaller-looking tip.

Adding cartilage to the tip will help “push out” the thick skin surrounding the area and result in a narrower profile overall. It is a useful technique that is an excellent way of demonstrating how skilled surgeons can use their knowledge of ethnic features to adapt procedures for optimal outcomes.

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