How Can You Minimize Bruising After Your Toronto Rhinoplasty?

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When considering rhinoplasty in Toronto, many patients worry that the procedure will result in severe bruising, which might necessitate additional time off work and social activities. Although bruising is a potential side effect of rhinoplasty, a number of steps can be taken both before and after the procedure to minimize bruising following your Toronto rhinoplasty.

In addition, the meticulous technique used by Dr. Philip Solomon, a skilled and experienced surgeon who has specialized in rhinoplasty for nearly 20 years in Toronto, he will do his best to ensure that any resulting bruising is minimal. Dr. Solomon is an Otolaryngologist Head and Neck Surgeon, practicing Facial Plastic Surgery in Toronto and is sought out by patients from across Canada, Ontario and the Greater Toronto Area.

How Can You Minimize Bruising After Your Toronto Rhinoplasty

Bruise Prevention Prior To Procedure

Prior to your procedure, a number of steps can be taken to help minimize the risk of bruising. For example, for at least two weeks before your surgery it is important to discontinue taking any non-essential medications such as aspirin, ibuprofen and over the counter anti-inflammatories which may lead to bleeding. Your surgeon will provide you with detailed instructions including when it is safe to resume taking these again.

Many natural remedies, multivitamins supplements with high levels of Vitamin E, garlic, Ginseng, Ginko Biloba, fish oils, and St. John’s Wort also affect how you bleed and clot so they must be avoided. Beverages such as alcohol and green tea also thin the blood, so their usage should be restricted in the weeks leading up to your procedure. In the event that you take a medication that thins the blood, or if you have a bleeding disorder or a tendency to bleed or bruise easily, it is imperative to discuss this with your Toronto Plastic Surgeon before undergoing rhinoplasty in Toronto.

Bruise Prevention After Your Procedure

Following your procedure, several steps can also be taken to prevent or minimize bruising. Ice or a bag of frozen peas may be gently applied to the cheeks, forehead and eyes for the first several days after your surgery. It is best to apply a covered ice pack for less than twenty minutes every hour for the first two to three days. In addition, using two to three pillows to keep your head elevated may decrease bruising while also minimizing swelling. Homeopathic remedies such as Arnica supplements are often recommended due to its ability to help reduce swelling and bruising.

Select A Qualified And Experienced Surgeon

Finally, selecting a qualified and experienced surgeon who specializes in rhinoplasty will help minimize your risk of bleeding after your Toronto rhinoplasty. The outcome of the procedure is a direct result of the skill of the surgeon. Dr. Solomon always takes the extra time and care needed to do his best to ensure that trauma to the periosteum is minimal, which reduces the likelihood of bruising and ensures a speedy recovery. Conversely, when a surgeon uses more traumatic techniques to disturb the nasal bone’s major blood supply, it will result in considerable bleeding in the cheeks and under the eyes.

To learn more about how you can minimize bruising after your Toronto rhinoplasty, we welcome you to schedule a consultation with Dr. Solomon, a renowned Otolaryngologist Head and Neck Surgeon, specializing in Rhinoplasty and Facial Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery.

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