Top Facts Everyone Needs To Know About Toronto Facelift Surgery

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Top Facts Everyone Needs To Know About Toronto Facelift Surgery

Cosmetic Surgery Procedure: Facelift

Thanks to a combination of Hollywood, as well as fashion and tabloid publications, most people are aware of what a facelift can do for a person’s appearance. However, simply describing a Toronto facelift as a way to remove wrinkles, reposition fat deposits, and restore youth and vitality to the face, doesn’t do enough to capture the full scope of what the process involves. Whether you are doing research for your own aesthetic goals or simply have a curious mind, take a look at the facelift facts that don’t get shared at the supermarket checkout.

Muscle Gets Lifted, Not Just Skin

The conventional image of a facelift is where the skin is lifted in order to be repositioned, smoothed out, and allow access to the underlying fat. This is only partially true. The results of a facelift would not last as long as they do if just the skin was targeted.

Skin is, after all, extremely pliable–that’s partly why it sags in the first place. Instead, the underlying muscle layer gets lifted in addition to the skin. Muscle does not relax in the same way as skin so it can be tightened and contoured for more lasting effects.

Hollywood Is Not A Guide

Getting a facelift in Toronto is not like getting a haircut. You can’t point to a picture of a celebrity and say “Give me something like that”. Everyone’s face is different and the objective of a facelift should be to provide enhancements that look natural and help compliment the strengths that already exist.

There Is No Such Thing As A Standard Facelift

A facelift, just like the term, “haircut”, only generally describes a procedure which has many variables. Facelifts are best when tailored to a person’s unique appearance and goals, and there is a bevy of tweaking and small changes that are used to accomplish this task.

Sometimes You Have To Add Fat

A person’s face loses volume over time as the underlying fat and bone diminish from the aging process. If too much volume has been lost, a facelift can’t give the best results. When this happens, it can become necessary to graft fat from elsewhere in the body into the face to help restore volume and support the overall outcome of the facelift or use temporary or permanent facial fillers.

Men & Women Are Approached Differently

Like with any type of surgery, a Toronto facelift has to start with an incision. For women, this is typically made around the ear–just inside the ear canal. For men, the incision has to be made outside of the ear. The reason? Beards.

Male facial hair grows along the normal path of the incision and could start growing inside the ear canal if the same location is used. A less-hidden but less-hairy spot is chosen that takes the person’s hairline and facial hair into account.

The Neck Is Part Of The Face

It might sound odd to hear that something normally thought of as separate from the head can be part of the face, but it’s true. The same effects of aging that the face experience are also shared by the neck.

Due to this, facelifts typically include the neck in the area of operation and the result is a more seamless restoration of youthful appearance. In some cases, the rest of the face is left alone and the neck is targeted exclusively.

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