Lip Lift surgeries help increase the prominence of the border around the lips, making the area above the lips more aesthetically pleasing for the patient.


Many people want to kiss their partners after the surgery. However, they worry about the damage that it may cause. Within this article, our experts will address the question ‘How long after a lip lift augmentation can I kiss someone?

Type of Kissing: an Important Consideration
Patients might feel pain in the period immediately after the lip lift procedure.This process is not known for any severe side-effects. However, there may be sensitivity in the area for a short time after the surgery. This means that patients must be careful when kissing during their recovery. It’s important to note that the type of kissing activity is an important factor.
For example, light pecks on the cheek are fine. These types of kisses don’t place any additional pressure on the surgery site and shouldn’t be painful even the same day of the surgery. Even then, specialists recommend that lip lift patients wait at least two days before they passionately kiss someone.
Passionate kissing can damage the site of the lip lift procedure. As a result, it may cause  significant pain for the patient. This is why many are looking for ways to speed their recovery after the procedure. Let’s look at some tips for speeding up the lip lift recovery process.

Streamline Your Recovery Process

The pain and sensitivity from the lip lift procedure may last as long as seven days after finishing the procedure. But there are some ways in which a patient can help with their recovery. For example, over-the-counter pain medication is useful, but always as directed by the specialist. Recovery time frames can also improve by ensuring comfort during the nighttime. Specifically, use extra pillows to prevent placing pressure on the treatment site.
Lip lift patients don’t have to wait too long to resume their normal caring activities. By staying cautious and responsive during recovery, patients can achieve exceptional results from their lip lift procedures. To learn more, speak with our expert team today.

Jun 27th 2016