Toronto Facelift: Is It A Good Idea To Restore Cheek Volume Along With A Lift?

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Do you want to shave a decade off your apparent age? If you’ve scheduled a facelift in Toronto, you can look forward to smoothing away years of facial wrinkles and sagging- nearly instantly.

This procedure remains the gold standard for dramatic results and permanent rejuvenation. While you’ll always look younger and better than you would have without your cosmetic surgery, there are some essential things you should know if you want to get the most from your results and make them last.

1. Take great care of your skin

Now that you’ve made a significant investment in looking fantastic and feeling more confident too, it will be crucial to nourish and protect your skin so you can continue enjoying your youthful appearance. Protecting the skin from environmental, oxidative stress and photodamage will help prevent premature skin ageing. UVA and UVB rays lead to discolouration, fine lines, dryness and overall poor skin health.

You might be a no-fuss type of person who never spent much time thinking about skin care routines before, but we suggest that after your facelift in Toronto is a great time to start getting more serious about quality skin care.

Feed your bright, luminous skin from the inside out with abundant fruits and vegetables in your diet. Drink plenty of water and get regular exercise to improve blood flow.

It’s a good idea to cover up and stay out of the direct sun when possible, but apply sunblock on your face and hands whenever you’re outdoors as well

Cleanse and treat your skin with high quality, medical grade skin products. The ingredients should be safe and non-toxic, nutrient-dense and non-drying. The experts at Solomon Facial Plastic will be happy to help you choose a new regimen customized for your complexion.


botox® Cosmetic and other neuromodulators do wonders for reducing static facial lines and the dynamic muscle movement which causes wrinkles. While a skilled injector can target specific muscles and leave plenty of natural facial expression, prevention of wrinkles begins with reducing the repetitive action that produces them. Common treatment areas include the crow’s feet, forehead and between the brows. Your facial cosmetic surgeon will develop a treatment plan suited to your unique needs, and that can help keep your fresh face smooth and free of lines after a Toronto facelift.

3.Reduce Stress

For many people, that sounds easier than it is. Life is naturally full of stressful situations, and we all do our best to reduce it. One of the side effects that chronic, unmanaged stress can have is a deterioration of your appearance. Skin quality suffers under pressure due to the extra cortisol released into your system. Stress dehydrates the skin when you’re stressed out because the body reduces blood flow to peripheral organs like skin when in fight or flight mode.

Besides furrowing your brows in worry, or developing under eye bags due to sleeplessness, you could lose facial collagen and elasticity too. Never has it been more critical to make rest a priority. Taking the time to meditate, seek counselling and do the activities which rejuvenate you will go a long way to preserving your youth.

If you have questions about how the procedure could benefit you, we’d love to meet you. Please contact Solomon Facial Plastic to schedule your private consultation with Dr. Phillip Solomon, renowned facelift expert.

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