Facial Fillers are a popular way to remove unwanted wrinkles and lines on the face.


They are useful in areas around the eyes, nose, and mouth. Today, more people are realizing the results that these simple treatments can provide.

But not all facial fillers are the same. There are many options to choose from, and each one offers unique benefits that can meet a wide range of needs. Knowing which one is best for you ensures that you get lasting results.

What Are Facial Fillers?

Surgeons apply facial fillers under the skin to increase its volume and eliminate wrinkles. As you age, fine lines can appear around the mouth, nose, and eyes.
The skin loses elasticity and fullness, which can make you appear older and alter the overall appearance of your facial features. However, dermal fillers can help, even to enhance the lips.
Usually, Plastic surgeons or dermatologists offer facial fillers; remember, a nurse or certified medical aesthetician must apply the injection. Do not trust your health to amateurs.

Permanent Facial Fillers

In the other hand, Permanent facial fillers are available. But they require special considerations before undergoing these treatments.
Because their results are permanent, it’s important to apply the procedure correctly. The experience and expertise of your doctor are critical when considering permanent facial fillers.
Injections need special care and expertise; the practitioner must have a clear understanding of how to get the best results without further issues.
Three common permanent fillers include silicone, Bellafill, and the transfer of fat from another part of the body.
Using fat from the abdomen or thighs makes it easy to correct common cosmetic issues. However, silicone can be used to enhance the lips while providing the softness that gives you natural and great-looking results.
Furthermore, silicone addresses acne scarring. Even more, it is an effective alternative to other types of treatment for this issue.
Finally, Bellafill offers a semi-permanent solution. It’s useful for acne scars and uses collagen to improve the smoothness of the skin. The results it provides can last up to five years.

Temporary Facial Fillers

The most commonly used facial fillers provide temporary results. They require more applications over time. The treatment is less invasive, in contrast with other surgical procedures. Some alternatives are costly and require longer recovery periods.
Temporary facial fillers provide great results in eliminating common signs of aging. The procedure is safe. In fact, there are a number of filler products that are available and have been tested around the world.
The following are the most common temporary facial fillers:

  • Juvederm
  • Restylane
  • Sculptra

Permanent and temporary fillers provide cosmetic results that eliminate the signs of aging. Understanding the different treatments and products that are available is the first step towards the results you are after.